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Destiny Fleming Mar 2016
I light a cigarette and cross my legs, eyes boring into his neck where a midnight shade of purple resides, just below where I once kissed.
A new smell of feminine wishes hangs in the air between us. And I know now, you can ****** someone without the use of any weapons. Death comes easy with even the most subtle breaking of a heart. -DDF
I entered a poetry contest. Wish me luck
Destiny Fleming Feb 2016
that boy hasn't been
sober for days

and i can't help but
if it was my own
selfishness that
turned him into
such a useless fray
Destiny Fleming Feb 2016
i will kiss each one
of your knuckles
just to remind you that
pain and love go hand
in hand

how we punish ourselves
with both poisons

and i cannot tell if it's
you or i that brings us
back to this repetitive idea
that love will kiss our
scars and wipe at our
tears with hands equal
to that of
satin bows found
in sewing boxes

but **** did you love
how satin shimmered
Destiny Fleming Feb 2016
stardust builds a home
for its particles in almost
but i think more than
a few particles found you

it's uncanny the way
you mimic a star’s behavior

you shine your brightest
right before i lose you

though i want
nothing more than
to help
you're far away

distant from the others
who only admire stars
but never enough to
become one like you

and i can't help but
wonder who tore you
from your throne and
tethered your helpless
soul to a place
that could never be home
Destiny Fleming Jan 2016
.surviving is being
.destroyed and finding
.a way to rebuild yourself
.with your own two hands
.while others watch
Destiny Fleming Jan 2016
.Once a writer
.has released poetry
.within your veins

.you will forever
.be beautiful
  Jan 2016 Destiny Fleming
I'm terrified of sleeping alone
so please i beg you dont go
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