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 Apr 2016 sanctuary
Dyan Santiago
seconds, minutes, hours have passed
tick tock tick tock
she stares at the ceiling
blankly, coldly
one blade, two blades, three, four and more
shaking in agony, drowning in the river of melancholy
an unfinished poetry she is, so deep one can hardly understand
cruel fate, cruel world experiencing death before death
her loudest cry was finally heard;
she was found
loveless, helpless, lifeless
 Jan 2016 sanctuary
When I was young I have been told
that we should be saved for someone
Reserved for all our teenage years
Get a job, hold my life together
Maybe get a car, or buy a house
Be able to pay back my parents for all that they have done
And then maybe, one day, get married

They taught me to never
give my body to just anyone
And even if I wanted to,
I couldn't
There were always friends and parents
I could get a kiss from time to time
But I could never show my naked body
There were always friends and parents

So instead,
I showed my eyes
And my lips
And he showed me his teeth
And his hands
I showed him my fingers and cheeks
My corners
And he showed me the back of his neck, eyelashes
His edges
My holy ground

When our hands entwine,
We are making love
When we get coffee on a sunny afternoon,
We are making love
When I am on the other side of the room
And our eyes meet
And we smile,
We are making love
Now this, is private.
Hindi man naisin
Ikaw ay nasa isip pa rin
Sinubukang limutin
Damdamin para sayo ay di kayang tiisin

Lahat ng lungkot na sa aking puso'y, iyong iniukit
Nakasulat sa papel, sa dingding doon nakadikit
Mga saloobing puno ng hinanakit
Itatago at kikimkimin, isasabay na lamang sa aking pagpikit

Sabi mo "hindi mo ako iiwan"
Tugon ko "ikaw lang magpakailaman"
Subalit ngayon ako'y nangungulila
Hindi malaman kung bakit laging nakatulala

Sinta, ano ba ang aking nagawa?
Hindi ko sukat akalain, na ang pag ibig natin ay biglang mawawala
Sa aking pag-iisa, susubukang isagawa
Ang paglimot sa ating masasayang ala-ala

 May 2015 sanctuary
Chaotic Angel
This girl had a supportive family
She had friends who loved her fully
She believed that her life was already perfect
There was nothing in it that she would regret
She was already contented with her life
Thinking no one would ever stab her with a knife

But one day, something in her changed
Her heart was beating faster, which was strange
Her eyes were shimmering
Her cheeks were blushing
She thought that what she felt was wrong
It should be stopped before it becomes deep and strong
But the more she was suppresing her feelings
The more she did not like what was happening

Until one day, she became very depressed
So without any second thought, she grabbed a knife and stabbed her chest
It was her only way to stop what was happening
And save herself from love which she believed was an evil thing
 Apr 2015 sanctuary
end call.
 Apr 2015 sanctuary
3 AM type of girl expecting something more from a boy who barely makes it past midnight.


"just go to bed because i'm basically talking to myself" she says.

 Apr 2015 sanctuary
Chaotic Angel
As I was staring at the stars,
I remember those memories of ours.

We were so oblivious of our surroundings
That we didn't realize what was happening
Some became envious of us for we have found our bliss
Not thinking that we sacrificed a lot before reaching this
They don't know how hard it is to face all our demons
Not knowing it will all be wasted just because of some shallow reasons
We became like puppets that were being controlled
They told us that we're still not that old
What we felt was only temporary
And when the time comes, it will fade away slowly
I believed that they were wrong
For my love for you was too strong
But I think our love's unrequited
Because you believed in every word they said
With that you just left me, alone and broken
And until now, I have no idea how to fix myself again

Now, I'm staring again at the stars,
Thinking why you left me with all these scars.
 Mar 2015 sanctuary
Brooke Davis
I don't want to imagine you and her
hands intertwined
walking together in the dark concrete jungle
while I'm left alone on these cold dirt roads.

I can't imagine how you could ever
love a girl like me
that looks upon your past
with such jealousy.

And you wouldn't imagine
how one look in those eyes
makes me gravitate towards you
and forget those times
when you were
with her.
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