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Apr 2015
As I was staring at the stars,
I remember those memories of ours.

We were so oblivious of our surroundings
That we didn't realize what was happening
Some became envious of us for we have found our bliss
Not thinking that we sacrificed a lot before reaching this
They don't know how hard it is to face all our demons
Not knowing it will all be wasted just because of some shallow reasons
We became like puppets that were being controlled
They told us that we're still not that old
What we felt was only temporary
And when the time comes, it will fade away slowly
I believed that they were wrong
For my love for you was too strong
But I think our love's unrequited
Because you believed in every word they said
With that you just left me, alone and broken
And until now, I have no idea how to fix myself again

Now, I'm staring again at the stars,
Thinking why you left me with all these scars.
Chaotic Angel
Written by
Chaotic Angel
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