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You looked at me, with those gentle
On the balcony of that cold starry
The hours ticked away, filled with our
We hoped for longer but you had to go
Ever since then we've talked, but who
That even though apart, the closer we
Your beautiful words of love fuel my
And they make this long wait totally
These 350 miles won't stand in our
For I continue to love you, every single
I used to be in denial about long distance relationships because how could you love someone you never see?

Now I know I was wrong because not even distance matters when it comes to love.
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
Third Legacy
When a boy thinks of a girl

his cheeks don't go red,
nor do his pupils dilate
but his heart beats as fast
as a horse's gallop in race

His lips strongly tremble
in the midst of conversation
his legs that won't settle
due to headstrong infatuation

her beauty overwhelms him
her cold hand warms his heart
her gaze,  like Medusa's
a romantic work of art

his thoughts full of appreciation
for whatever form she may have
a wonderful mem'ry,  imagination
a thought that can't be grasped

his thoughts he can't express
his mouth he cannot open
his words he can't confess
but his heart, ť was always broken

but all this is not really
'bout when a boy thinks of a girl
because in these words you can tell
that he had always loved her.
does the girl think of the boy?
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
i am in love with you
like my feet are in quicksand
              and here i am
              completely and willingly
              giving myself to you
even with the knowledge that
you could break my heart
               the scary thing about it;
               i don't mind at all
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
.1. You are my paradox.
You are my strength. You are my weakness. You are my sunshine. You are my rain. You are my everything. You are my nothing. You are my high. You are my low. You are a pain. You are my solace. You are my light. You are my darkness. You are mine. You are not.

2. I am your kingdom. You are my ruler.
Surround me with your majesty. Protect me with all your might. Bravely fight for me. Let no one conquer your space. Own me, your colony, and never give me up. Give me peace. In return, I will bring you honor. I will shelter you. The bliss is all yours to bask on.

3. You are ubiquitous.
When you are here, you are the only thing here. When you are not, you are all the things. If you stay, you are here. If you leave, you would be here.

4. You are my definition of Wonderland.
You make me curious. Wonder, wander. You are the masterpiece of my imagination. You are a dream, yet you are real. You are too good to be true, and I wish I would never wake up from you.

5. You are the highest epitome of exquisite art.
You are classy. You give meaning to sexiness. You tease my desires. You have all the eyes in a room full of stirring. You are the abstract leaving me wanting for more of what you have. The heavens kneel to your beauty. You bring out sublime hues with every stroke. You are the perfect medium of your own artist.

6. Do not compare yourself to the Universe.
You are the skies themselves. Every color defines who and what you are. You are the ruins of the faded clouds. You are louder than hurricanes. You are more disastrous than natural calamities. Yet, you are the rays of the eminent sun. You are the calm grasses that help me breathe. You are the warm wind that caresses every inch of me. You are the moist soil that keeps me living. Of all the possible emotions that I once thought a celestial Earthling could bestow upon a used and wasted scrap, I have proven that you give more of that “haven” feeling than this chaotic place ever could.

7. You do not need me for you to be complete.
I found you at your peak. I found you at your worst. I found you when you were smiling. I looked for your hiding tears. If I ever leave you, I will not take anything. You are a hundred yourself. If I ever leave, remember that you are whole. A glass cannot be shattered just because it is beside a broken one.

8. You are a paper rose.
There are two sides of this note: One is goodness, and one is simply bad for you. Remember though, that both are acts of greatness.
First, you do not have thorns. Remember that you do not like hurting people back. Sacrifice is what you could willingly do for love. It is not a component, but you could do it for love. Pain is needed when you are in love. You can be crumpled, and it depends on how you would process that.
Second, you can be torn apart and burned. You can be hurt and crying. You can stand and be your own origami artist. You can tear yourself apart and start anew, but this time, you are not the one being written on. You are the writer.

9. Your nightmares deserve to be listened to.
Be with someone who can fix your trust issues. Love them as they love you. They should wake you up with flowers on the bed, a kiss on your forehead, and the breakfast you have always wanted. Spend your mornings with stories of your dreams and plans. Make that person listen. Make that person beg for more words. In the afternoon, you could walk on the sidewalks and on the beach. Breathe the healthy air. Make that person fall deeper into your immensity. Fall asleep in his or her arms. Fall asleep because you are comfortable. Fall asleep with him or her as your ultimate thought.

10. **Love and be loved.
Hi, New York.
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
Why did you abandon me when I needed you most?
paradise lost
by hollywood undead
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
I want to delete every ******* poem I wrote about you, but I can't bear to delete them, I'll just lose the memory of what it felt like to be in love.
By three days grace
 Jan 2015 sanctuary
i'll wake up and be glad i did.
something i need to keep
reminding myself
 Dec 2014 sanctuary

"I miss you"
"Why did you let go"
"Was I not enough?"
"Do you have someone else to let you see all skin and bones?
    Someone who could see through all those muscles and enlighten your soul?
    Someone who would hold you until the morning light?
    Someone who could love you even with all your flaws?
    Someone who could love you more because of them and think that you're beautiful?

"I loved you."
"I still do."

"You know what? *******, ******* because you made me fall. Made me think that you would catch me but in the end I realized that you never to do so. *******, for wasting my time, making me think that you were worth my while. Lastly, *******, I am still inlove with you

What have I done.

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