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Dan Feb 2019
I saw the best minds of my generation
Brutally isolated from those around them
Surrounded by series of boxes
Some meant to relay
Some meant to contain
All passively made to control

And past all of these boxes we can see
The place where the grass is greener
Where the trees are taller and stronger
Where the animals live
We call that place wilderness
Some say we used to call it home
Some others say that when we did
Life was nasty
Many of these days I would prefer that to
But it really depends on ones perspective

See the problem with Civilization is that somewhere down the line someone has to take the full force of the trauma
Whether that’s indigenous people
Robbed of their land
Forced to work in Rare Earth Mineral mines
Or sweatshop factories in foreign countries
Or Facebook content moderators in Arizona
Forced to be subjected to violent murders and graphic *******
Their bathroom breaks are monitored
They are ordered to stop praying if it takes too long
All so your racist uncle can share news articles from
And people who haven’t interacted with you in years can wish you a happy birthday
This is the price we pay for our convenience
This is the passive acceptance that our comfort is more valuable than their lives
I heard that the first megamachine was made with human parts
Now we witness that machine cannibalize itself

What is the alternative to this concrete techno-Hell?
I hope that one day we cast off this Leviathan whose tentacles wrap around our necks
To live a life of lower standards but higher meanings and ambitions
To live simply
With nature and not at its expense
It’s not a past to return to
But a future we fight for
Where the grass will be greener
But only because
We let it grow
There once was a man named Newborn,
whom wandered curiosly across the Earth-torn
grasses, and the rocky roads,
and was henceforth known as the Caveman goes..

These petty caveman with their bronze
constructed wheels and without their brains
had been crushed by wheels without restrain
and learned by wrote and learned to change.

From wicked wheels of stone and mud
came Spartan swords and arrows above;
From wild shields and monstrous blood
bubbiling through these savage doves..

Soon aftarwards began slavery,
whence after the fall of democracy,
learn to make a shape, a Triangle,
in the hardest way a man could handle.

A wild amount of years later
began the mystic age; Far greater,
or therefore known as the Mideveal
whence Magic was; and Poetry primevil...

The skies had Darkened with the age
of the Renaissance, and gunpow'drish stage
had begun the ruins of mankind
when the fair and the bold had intertwined..

The raging fires of agriculture
were then consumed by rage and stupid folklore
of preposterous ideas spoken by man
that have led us to the industrial span..

Soon after this atrocity,
began a most hideous animosity,
for this is Truth, and truth to be,
So listen well, for chanting fell,
but lies not to Earth nor to Man or Sea;

Humanity! Ha! The road you go is vain!
The world you seek
and the powerful peak
will be mashed with Human's refrain!

Humanity! Fools! Interwoven dictators
that have futile power,
yet invoke us every hour
into their moderators..

This path of knowledge and Wisdom
is a lie, for their is no Kingdom
that man may make that is perfection
for we always face things like discretion,
and If man cannot learn to end these cycles wild
then surely our infinite powers will be set at 'Mild'.

Man; The wisest thing I have in my life yet to say
is that you forever will from side to side sway,
and if you cannot open to all
then surely you are destined to fall!
Heinrich Aryan N Dec 2013
Ugly negroid four eyed shaqila IS the original poem thief.
You think it's safe to post your poems on a site with no one in charge?
Think again you idiots. No site moderators and no administrators.
A Brit camping on twitter and ain't been on this site in months.
Check this link to see how many poems been removed. That would be ZERO!
All poems are still there and good luck with thinking site's deleting any poems.****+YOU+POETRY+COMPUTER
Bruised Orange Apr 2015
Iamb, iamb, iamb, I plod along
in verse predicting I could write a song.
To call upon the muse of higher power
pour some wine, kick off your shoes and glower.

While putting best foot forward, don't forget:
cliches are lines that surely **** your wit.
Reality, you say, bears greener grass?
Abstraction always steps across as crass.

It's true you could walk on like this for days.
Your meter's tight, it rarely ever strays.
But what of clever feet and sounds succinct?
If images are dull, your verse will stink,

As blossoms dance upon the redbud tree
and oceans fill your squid with ink of glee,
remember what your mama always said:
mixed metaphors fill readership with dread!

Say: sonics surely sock a swelling swale,
Entwined, the twisted tongues tell not your tale.
Less is always more, the teachers say.
If tricks you train, then please just walk away!

I never knew how hard it really was
to write a poem that might parade a buzz.
I thank you moderators and big brass
for sticking yours so fully up my ***!
NaPo 4/7  Exhausted already, and muse has gone into hiding.
anastasiad Oct 2016
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Poetry by MAN Jul 2013
This poem is Rated X
Designed to test this website, not filled with ***
Your probably wondering what will come next
A look on a moderators face as he or she becomes perplexed
Something about me loves having fun
Which is probably why I'm on this poetry run..
Traditional...I don't have a clue
Never studied poetry or went to school
All I know words keep burning up my mind
So I arrange them and focus them through my rhyme
Giving a fellow human something to read
Not done for money but done for a need
What else can I give if I can't give joy
Would you rather me be a monster who lives to destroy?
Mischievous me wanted to write a poem using the word ***!
Which is why I call this poem "Rated X"
7-6-13 M.A.N I see just using the word *** qualifies a poem to be explicit. I will keep that in mind for future reference.
*******! *******!
Is there anybody left to recover the grandeur
The anger! The pain!
the lame and dull, the men are the same
The bright thrashing bull
For once I had a dream that there was something in my room
Which impregnated my mind with ferocious alien fauna
That slowly ate the inside of my skull and gave birth to live young
Which then went out and took over the minds of a whole generation
Of acid freaks, hipsters, and all manner of deluded youth
And bore in them more screaming demon like entities
That burn in great lakes and flowering fields
And crack the concrete with lava flow
with electric ecstasy
Rationale sold separately

The moderators saw the end was coming quickly in the gold rush that followed
And the cybernetic wave crashed on them without warning
And double barreled shotguns blasted through the eye sockets
Poking wires through the holes
That god forgot to fill
As we explored and we explored until all the rocks were overturned
And all we had for all our trouble was the fatal irony of life
Now without a purpose we’ve lost the will to fight
all the animals and beasts that come out in the night
For we stand on the pinnacle without glory, without right

In our leisure we become the social experiment
The ticking time bomb to calamity
On the brink of the purest clarity
The painted picture nigh complete
And as we stand on top our kingdom come the crowded throng below
With our hands out stretched as far as we will allow ourselves to go
For if there ever was a thing that history could teach
Is that it will be funny when we find the rotted peach

For as I sat in my room on that fateful night
you were standing there before me
And your narrow frame cast a shadow upon me
But I still loved you any way
As the wind blew the blinds back and they smacked against the frame
And I thought I grasped the essence before I forgot completely about it
And I slipped back blissfully into indifference
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2019
If they were Mod
they'd be Hip
but they're not
they give Pip.


HP Moderators suspended
my account for writing this.
(Can't be tried twice for same crime)
So, here it is again.

Ben Meraki Mar 2018
Hi everyone. I'd like to say a huge thank you to all who have shown their appreciation for my work so far.

Please would you be so kind as to click 'like' and 'follow' on my new Facebook page? Thank you so much for your continued support.

Moderators: All new works will continue to be published here first! But please feel free to tell me if this post is inappropriate.
Please follow my page :)
ZACK GRAM Nov 2019
i sleep walk im skitso anastesia doesnt work on me
it cost 35 thousand a night to control me...
noone has ever seen the truth of human beings 2020
the truth will make you pass out...
anyways I GOT YOUR bosses ADDRESS and 600 trillion cash
if you keep stalking my profile an dont unlock it
i will have to call the owner of twitter
to tell them you are stalking my comments to my wife
selling the ads to the united kingdom(  
this is harassment
you are trolling Mariah's comments like a stalker  
acting like i broke rules
when you are in fact the ones who broke rules
thats like a cop pulling a black man over
because he looked gangster
its against the law....
if Mariah had a problem
i would have been banned 13 years ago
take a hike get out of my personal life
leave me an my profile alone
jesus christ grow up
youre acting like im bad person

i sent this to your owners
someone is going to lose their job for stalking me

attn: (11-14-2019)
no spam
need positive peer guidance
no spam a real concerned account
please give me 2 minutes of your time
i really need some higher source of influence in my claim
bless you for your time
i dont have a phone because im poor
buying a truck payment instead ...
so i have to email someone
yours popped up first...
i dont want to pester you..
im an honest american
who needs a moment of your so precious time...
this is the only time i will bother you
unless you reply an have some answers to my problem...
thank you so much for your time

im gravely upset
my feelings are absolutely hurt

twitter keeps harassing me
suspending my accounts
i didnt cuss one time or do anything wrong
someone whos got the ability to ban
theyre abusing their power against me
i feel like this is a corporate hate crime against me

i have nothing
i use twitter facebook an instagram for updates
im a huge Mariah Carey stan
its very important i send her one message a day
im suspended an blocked
for both my twitter accounts for no reason
so i cant message her
its making me very depressed an outraged

can you please bless me
put in a customer complaint
about the advisor who keeps banning me

i hold the world record on twitter
for days telling mariah carey i love her
we are both missing out on precious time
from messaging and its hurting our relationship
if she wanted me blocked
or if i was offending her
she would just block me
clearly its been 13 years an i have not been blocked
so its important for us

this is very serious
can you please unban
unsuspend me an unblock my account
please i beg you

im so sorry to bother you
i just dont know who to turn to
this is a issue
it involves your employees or moderators....

i just want my freedom of speech
my account back
for you to stop harrasing me
just for being there for my wife Mariah...

if you dont believe me
how important this is for me an Mariah
go to
search the song
"mariah carey money featuring fabolous"
goto 45 seconds into the song
you can hear Mariah say my name
"Zack im onto you"

if you do unban me
i will try an censor better
but i do believe i was banned for no reason

i will call
**** Costolo or
Jack Patrick Dorsey
or Mike K Gupta
or Michelle Norton
or cChristopher Stone
or Evan Williams
or Laurie J Taake
if you dont reply back
with some positive feedback
plus a resolution for this un-called for harrasment...

im a very good person
i mean the best for eveyone
i would never hurt a soul

let me know if you have any ideas
or solutions to getting my account back
thank you so much (TWITTER)
lots of love from a valued customer
hope to hear from you soon thanks for your support
-zack g    

@BOBBYMACINTOSH zackavelli the don

unsuspend me
leave me alone
let me be free
for **** sake
free zack
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2019
I am a vegetarian, so, this
chicken from USA has as
much interest to me as a
a Spam/Advert.

Spam is made from ham,
though the HP moderators
accused me of promoting
it, yet, I have no *******!

My account was circumcised,
worse than anti semitism it
was, because they had the cheek
to graft it back on again.


The moderators on this site
are typical of what America
has become, there is no freedom
of speech, now ******* and
unsubscribe me.
Ryan O'Leary Jun 2019
I am a vegetarian, yet,
the moderators at HP
deleted my account for
2 days accusing me of

Now why would I do
that, it has been 40 years
since I was a carnivore,
it makes no sense, besides,
I have no *******.

— The End —