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The sky is a colander
perforated with holes

of differing sizes which
permit light and rain
to pass through.

Darkness is caused
by the blockages.

During the night, while
we are sleeping, it is

rotated three hundred
and sixty degrees.

By morning, all of the
sediment has been

displaced thus allowing
day to be slowly sieved

in with a bit yeast and this
is what causes the sun to rise.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 10
It was a still day,
triumphant arms
of an iconic trinity
rotated graciously.
Mercedes in motion,
a quiet reassurance,
ecological, exotic and
above all, on a pedestal.
             /   \
Ryan O'Leary Oct 10
If Dinosaurs were still
roaming the earth killing
farm animals as they did
in the past, the extinction
rebellion people would
not be defending them.

If the extinction rebellion
people were serious about
their cause, none of them
would be driving cars, thus
contributing to Fossil fuel
industries ie from Dinosaurs.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 9
Dry saliva
teeth of steel
growl groan
growl groan

You've heard
the saw dog

Ryan O'Leary Oct 9
I stood on a quarter pounder
without the upper crust, but
unfortunately, it was a ****.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 8
Downing Street historically, is
a convenient mix of amnesia &
Etonian arrogance syndrome

The Good Friday Agreement
is not about the traditional
Catholic 5th day fish abstention.

Ireland has moved on quite a
ways from that, Pescatarian's
are a minority now, since Tofu.
Ryan O'Leary Oct 8
It rained a bit in the night,
forest foliage and leafless
trees with water buds did

Down the side of an Oak,
trickles of a mossy dew
pooled at the root junction,
where our dogs drank from.

Not long after, when we
exited into an adjacent
field, their woofing began, it
must have been the bark juice !
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