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Ryan O'Leary Sep 4
Couples go by
cobblestones ring

Leaving coming

Light fading
leaves dropping

I’m in Nomad’s

No fixed abode

En passant
where next

At the will of

The opposite
of fear

Should I be

Accept things

Never mind the

I’m in the now
of the known

Futures is a market
I have no stall

The Buck has
been passed.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 3
Palindromes are self absorbed
mirror images of themselves
egotistical introverted and they
have no antonyms, narcissistic,
regardless, everyone loves ABBA.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 1
There comes a time when we are
all confronted by something or other.

Many people choose their chalenges
imagine the hunger strikers.

What about people on death row
not knowing from one day to the next.

Our destinies are unavoidable, we
wake and begin our daily battles.

Darkness and sleep are an escape for
some, but nightmares exist for others.

Some have fragile minds sensitive perhaps
is a better definition, insomnia saves them.

Daymares are far less frightening than
their nocturnal counterparts.

Sleepwalkers high tail it after they ****
the bed during their amphibious dreams.
Ryan O'Leary Sep 1
Bye Biden America
Kabul is the Afghan's
Sigh Gone your second
Vietnam, where next?
Try Kim, he’s waiting to
show you his chopsticks.

           \ /  you
Ryan O'Leary Aug 30
The dogs don’t need to know,
but it's hard to hide from them.

Suitcases are a dead give away,
especially now, with the wheels.

Nobody thinks of lifting them,
so they hear ones every move.

I was conscious of that and
sneaked them into the car.

If we are vigilant, we can do the
manoeuvre and trick the animals.


Just as we were about to part
I discovered Mona, a stowaway.


Mona is a Foxie.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 29
This too will pass providing
there is ample room on the
road of your misadventure.

Looking in rear view mirrors
does little to assist and using
windscreen wipers is futile.

Past and future are not noted
on signposts at traffic junctions,
that's why we have roundabouts.
Ryan O'Leary Aug 29
Shorter days don’t equate
to longer sleeps

Blackness makes us nocturnal
until the lamps are turned out

It is then that our diurnal
instincts are confused

Light into darkness should
be a graduation in ratio

Edison was an insomniac
suffering from nyctophobia.
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