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Harry Stringer thought
of a great idea during
lockdown, guitar lessons
on line.

He bought 2 dozen pegs
and hung the chords up
along the cable between
his back fences.

Crows liked it but the locals
were confused because Harry
was a left handed dyslexic with
Charles Bonnett Syndrome.
There are and always have
been areas in the world for
dumping of human waste.
The Antipodes being the
favoured land fill area is
by far the most used, even
to this day, there is plenty
evidence of that, as can be
seen in the attached link !
Oxford Astra Zeneca
is a faulty car, which
has been recalled due
to a dangerous flaw in
the UK production line.

Opel Astra is deemed
to be safe no problems.
A rare sighting by day
to boot, of a known
nocturnal in Hyde Park
wearing a Corona, tongue
out gasping for air with
convulsions and eyes
rolling in the head
incontinent frothing from
the mouth.

A passer by said it was a
Guinea Pig from Africa.

Not quite, another replied,
but it was used to test the
Oxford Astra Zeneca    /
Lace curtains and
                 fish net visors are
the first signs of
        mad women darkened
windows and
                        black widows.
I can't imagine.

I'm permanently present
where consciousness has
no tolerance for dreaming.

Imagine a pendulum, if you
can, that is. The arc has three
dimensions, past present and

Both the Tick and the Tock are
differentiated by their distinct
sound difference, the latter being
past, of course.

But note that the present is not
referenced and that is because
one needs no reminding of what
is essentially always now.

Well, I say that as one who does not
regret the past nor do I want to control
the future.

Why would I even want to when I am
perfectly content to live in the hypnosis
of an oscillation suspended from a fulcrum
where the opposing forces of past/future
are maintained by a state of perpendicular
equilibrium and that can only ever be
achieved by not being a slave to time,
routine, repetition or expectation.

I do not wear a watch, I don't own a cell-
phone nor a micro wave, so I am not a
Pavlov type person, "now needs no alarm".

That is why time bombs are always set to
explode in the future, whereas a letter bomb
could be delayed and arrive late or in the
past, virtually, so, now is the safest place to be.

If you find yourself at the wrong stop, then
you were absentminded and passed present.

Be careful, there may be a package there,
ticking ticking not tocking, don't open it.

                          It is not a gift.
Haiku wheel rim spoke
                   we'll rendezvous at the hub
to find our bearings


There is a Haiku wheel at the
Oliver Cornet Gallery in Dublin.
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