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By the way Joe
there is no cistern
attached to this and
you might notice it
only has an aqua
outlet so can you
explain, considering
you wish to be next
POTUS, did you have
a ***** in your room
when your were a wee
lad and if so, who
emptied it, because
you might notice that
this one here in the
WC at DC is attached
to the floor with two
stainless steel screws
and will you expect
FLOATUS to undo
this every morning
after you mistakingly
do a dump in it during
the night when you
are sleep walking like
you do in the day, Joe!
So, tell me this, if Covid is
real and not a porky, why
are Cyrano de Bergerac &
Pinocchio permitted to go
unmasked, while Batman
The Lone Ranger & Zorro
all wear theirs too high up.
Ned Kelly, the Paddy of
Australia is the only one
managing to get it right.
Miming Blasphemously
at your dining table can
be differentiated from
masticating or munching.
Because Donal Trump
holds the Ace, it means,
Joe Bidet can never ever
manage to have a Royal
Flush, which is why his
wife is called FLOATUS.
Why Say 'Bye Then Harris'
When She Is Not Going
Anywhere, Especially The
White House, Unless To
Become A Donny T Lady.
Je suis dans une petite
pension en France parce
que je ne avoir assez d'argent
pour une maison ou logement classique.

Quel dommage après toutes mes années
un ouvrier est en plus je devais quitter
mon pays d'Irlande. Je suis comme un Gitane.
Flue Zee is a pipe
with hairpin bend
designed to cause
a siphon draught
for the purpose of
evacuating smoke
from an open fire
via a tube chimney.

****** |ˈfluːzi|
(noun informal)
Woman who has many
casual ****** partners.
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