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Ocean Blue Jun 2016
Is our birthday,
The first time you appeared in my life,
So many years ago,
Fingers of my hands can't count.
Do you remember?
Probably not,
We both know
You're not good at dates
As I'm good at
Writing love letters
That are never sent
- and you know why -
It was June the fifth,
The century was about to die,
Just imagine if...
You and I.
Ocean Blue Jun 2016
... an olive tree,
To give you some shade,
A drop of water,
When emotion dries your throat,
A silent breeze,
When you hold your breath,
Your lighthouse,
When you sail through your storm,
The blood
That runs madly through your veins,
The flood
That spills your wells.
Sweet Darling,
Don't you feel that
I can't stop loving you,
Morning and evening too.
Throughout the years,
I will be
Waiting for you,
If you still want me.
Ocean Blue May 2016
A desert between us?
Only in your dreams.
Your longing?
Reciprocal, it seems.
Your heart ache?
Nothing compared to mine.
My promises?
Rare and always held.
Your smile?
Bright sunray
Throughout my day.
Your heart beats?
My earthquakes.
Your verses,
Daily narcotics.
My horizon?
Just to love you,
On and on.
Ocean Blue May 2016
I can read in your mind
Like in an open book.
... though I never know what
Is written on the next page.
Ocean Blue May 2016
Every morning, a dose of your poetry,
Pink sky, dancing rainbows.
You're on trip, I'm in withdrawal,
Dark horizon, creeping sorrows.
Stay close, sweet Darling,
'Cause you are my ******.
Ocean Blue Mar 2016
Across the ocean,
Your words,
Question marks in my mind.
Your voice,
Sensual roller coaster.
Your smile,
Rainbow in my sky.
Your giggles,
Waterfall in my ears.
Your arrows,
Open wounds in my heart.
Your angel face
Haunts my sleepless night.
Your eyes,
Locked in my eyes.
Your love,
Denied but who ever knows.
Forever in me.
Ocean Blue Mar 2016
Despite your choice,
Twice abruptly cabled :
Not to forget your voice,
Years after, still to be able
To day dream of your smile,
To remember your sweetness
Day after day, yes,
I pray for You.
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