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In a large mixing bowl, add:
- 1 ½ cups all-purpose existential anxiety
- 1 ¾ teaspoons philosophical meanderings
- ½ teaspoon purple fatigue from the under-eye
and beat
and beat
and beat
for an hour or two or
until the mixture acquires a purplish hue.

In a separate bowl, cream together
- 1 cup sticky nostalgia
- 2 cups creamy moonlight, chilled
then crack 2 large wet pupils, at max capacity,
and mix, watching the salty yolks
dissolve sugary memories,
until time travel
begins to make you sick.

Then, stir in ½ cup sweat
from folded creases and crannies,
pour the batter carefully into a greased pan,
and bake underneath hot cotton bedsheets.

While waiting,
pluck 6 of the brightest stars out of the black sky,
pound into flat sheets, then
collect 6 pearls of hardened regret
and wrap each in a star.

When the cake turns a greenish-grey,
uncover and
top with star pastries
and pink marshmallows
from the early sunrise.
Inspired by HP member Roberta Compton Rainwater's "cuisine of the depressed"
As I bloom into the most beautiful flower
You slowly poison my roots
Hoping I'll wilt
So you stand taller in the garden
 Feb 2019 taylor styles
 Feb 2019 taylor styles
So busy i forget what i feel.
her fingers ran like ink across my skin
never ceasing to keep flowing
we wrote our own stories

but one day she left
and she took our pen with her
ceasing me from ever wanting
to write stories again
 Jan 2019 taylor styles
 Jan 2019 taylor styles
 Jan 2019 taylor styles
There's a girl I see a lot she makes me really happy and today I waited in the car while my dad went into the corner store to get cigarettes and a queen song played and I remember she told me she liked queen and I got butterflies in my stomach which I've only heard about in movies and I felt really nervous and suddenly I worry about if my jeans made me look too heavy or if my hair was messed up or if I looked pretty and idk why I think I just want her to be my friend
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