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idk Mar 2020
i think U and me are meant to be
on summers grove
with every baiting breath
we watch together
our fleeting death
and in the future on a summers day
the dew will drift and fade away
and U and me will meet again
beneath the soil and beneath the sand
the earth sings us to sleep
the fatal hum a promise to keep

I think U and me are meant to be-
and if U disagree,
U will not be there to see
for i have shed our blood and buried are we.
( a lovers promise made and kept)
idk Feb 2020
oh, my sweet!
tender hearted darling
your soft hands,
your warm smile,
your birdsong laugh
sets my heart aflutter

serenade me,
drape me in your honey sweet voice
let me take up space in your tender gaze
simply being in your presence
is to be surrounded by home
you turn the key
and my heart kicks to life
a rusty thing,
but for you it shines golden
idk Feb 2020
do not visit my grave and cry, i am not there
i did not die
idk Jan 2020
i know what U did U think i don’t remember what U did but i do i hate U and the way U make me feel you took my childhood away from me it’s not fair i want to be like other people and i want to be normal and i want to be a kid but i can’t U made me grow up i’m not ready it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair it’s not fair
idk Jan 2020
i started jump-roping again
twice a day two hundred times each
i do sit-ups at night
400 times each
it hurts so much it takes so long
and it does nothing i check 4 times a day and it does nothing
why did U lie to me
numbers take over my life again
do U remember when i was a child? innocent, sweet, uncaring

yeah, neither do i
idk Jan 2020
i won’t even let anybody take U away from me i promise
i promise i won’t tell anyone about U
U can be my secret i promise please don’t leave me i need U i have nothing
ed poems home i get banned bye
  Sep 2019 idk
no issues with the way the sky holds me like my orange loft
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