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valencia Jan 3
i ignore every warning and red flag because i’m am so quiet in nature but your heart disquiets me.
(you give me a reason to want to speak, to want to sing.)

2. i’ll get you drunk on rosewater and wine
we go out and bathe in the nighttime.
(where has the sunshine gone?)

3. in the dark i search for flowers in the dirt, to tell you in small ways of your beauty, of your magnitism.
(in the way you talk i have found you are most likely a diety.)

4. in the way you act, i think perhaps you are a goddess.
beautiful and fragile,
you bloom amidst the cherry trees and delicate lilacs.
(but if the sun shines too strongly you shall fade.)

5. if there are waves, i will protect you
if there is sun, i will
shield you
(if we are together, i will not speak to you.)

6. the numbness is all we have in common
we’re together on the soaking grass
is this at last, what i have envisioned?

is this love?
or is this lovely?

7. i take so kindly to touching you so, no matter the scratches and bruises on my heart.
if nothing can tear us apart,
then promise me now,
(underneath the sky wherein the stars are stung like diamonds, every breath glittering like it belongs there)
until death do we part?
valencia Dec 2019
lying on my back in the driveway // doing nothing in particular, waiting for no one in particular
was it childish of me to hope we grew apart? was it childish of me to hope that i felt no love for a girl like you?
the sun is pressing down on me // she’s telling me she knows of my individual sin
i’m alone // and if someone asks if i’m around i’ll tell them no // because i want you to know // that you possess my every waking moment
is that enough for you? of course not
i will not be enough for you until i’m hollow
and the worst part is i would do anything for you //
valencia Dec 2019
the concern is touching
  Sep 2019 valencia
oh, my sweet!
tender hearted darling
your soft hands,
your warm smile,
your birdsong laugh
sets my heart aflutter

serenade me,
drape me in your honey sweet voice
let me take up space in your tender gaze
simply being in your presence
is to be surrounded by home
you turn the key
and my heart kicks to life
a rusty thing,
but for you it shines golden
what if we
valencia Sep 2019
// i’m missing pieces of my skull
i sold them for poppy’s that i melted for gold
// i bought you a necklace with my own bones
// i would replace the blood in my body for peridot stones,
//because green in your favorite color
there isn’t a thing that i wouldn’t do for you
  Sep 2019 valencia
C l e o
no issues with the way the sky holds me like my orange loft
valencia Sep 2019
it just hit me that you’re really gone

and it hurts so much i can’t ******* breathe
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