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Dec 2017
here is a cup of fog
mix it well
with melancholy
spoon in a bit
of saccharine ---
indigestible sentiment ---
and blend it all

take this tablespoon of
creative fire
douse it with
unrelenting tears
repress it into a ball
then let it stand,
that the yeast of
sorrow may bloom

when doubled,
punch it down to
bloom again


work the dough of Life
to death
form it into a blob
put it into the cold fire of the ego’s
leave it there to burn away
to nothing edible

serve it in hard chunks
on delicate china
and --- wait
trust that the teaspoon of
Love added at the last minute
will be enough

c. 2017 Roberta Compton Rainwater
Remembering old bouts of depression
Roberta Compton Rainwater
Written by
Roberta Compton Rainwater  70/F/Mississippi
         RK, kalica calliope delphine, ---, ---, Deep Ponderer and 38 others
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