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If I can love
With a broken heart

If I can smile
With a broken mind

Then I can fly
With a broken wing

Fly I will,
When I say
that you are my Sun,
I don’t mean that you are
Or even the center of my universe.
I simply mean that
I cannot look at you
Without hurting
 Mar 29 Valmir Zimberi
And what would happen if you
Looked into my eyes...

And realised?

These glazed eyes,
A distorted tautologous window.

A facade of transparency.
The window is misted
It’s distorted with the touch of an October morning.

And I fear.

You will not see through this window,
This glass.
Until it has shattered,
And all that remains is a soul,
That has been freed.
UK Samaritans Number- 116 123
I stench this moment
with fulsome smell
of you at your earthiest

blown away now to nose
at a rose of spectacular
lid lowering sweet musk

I'll wait for your imaginary
neurons to catch up and
breath deeply of that would be

wafting through imaginarium
the exquisite elemental smell
of you nearby
It's like the entire world feels right
whenever I see you.
My name is Taylor and I have a tooth that tucks behind one of my front teeth.

I say this as my first sentence because when I look at myself in the mirror and smile, that is the first thing I notice.

But a compliment I've heard more times than once, "You have a beautiful smile."

I  wonder how many things in life are like that...

Qualities or characteristics that people agonize over are the very things that others appreciate and admire.
Complete Solace
After evey difficulty there is complete solace
Sheer contempt and hatred can change into love
What a wonderful system of Lord with grace
Love remains a complete chain all from the above
Beauty has its own reward to cherish to celebrate
To bring resonance in all difficult hours of trial
Lord is great to ameliorate this sweet excellent state
In every difficulty we have to have this for a while
Life is a great gift to be taken with all humbleness
Humans are the best creation ,is declaration of Lord
From the first day of bearth till last day its bless
Lord is extra kind to lookafter His every sweet ward
Colonel Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright July 2o2o Love Remains
Why can't everything that is,
Stay humble and lining...
Always be as it is.
Rather that, not and mis-sought
Why don't the beautiful spinning winds.
Stay out in the fields
Rather that, of riddles and destruction.
Why can't it all, just be...
She was amazing.
And I knew she loved me.
But was that all I needed?
When she lied to me.
How can you forgive... Something you won't forget?
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