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Jan 2021 · 273
Tuesday Jan 2021
The heart will ache,
The soul will break
My tears will flood
Drowning the absence of you

Of a new empty world
Of the unspoken sad words
Of which i can remember
The better side of you

Comforting lost in all hope
Tonight I sit with the demons
I love of you
Apr 2020 · 263
Remember me.
Tuesday Apr 2020
I am hopeful but I am not in my own reality,
What is real? Are you? Am I? Is life?
Will anybody ever know?
That's why I love the ocean,
The only place I feel safe.

Its nothing and everything,
It's an energy constantly moving,
It's a vast abyss but a calling,
I feel though I belong there,
I hear it calling my name.

I am nothing but to some or something I am everything,
To some I exist and to others i do not,
I am part of the universe that is required, I am its energy,
Yet I still don't know who I am.
Apr 2020 · 114
Then you said i love you
Tuesday Apr 2020
I lay here in the depths of paralysis,
Frozen beyond all I could miss,
My heart is heavier than I can hold,
My tears streaming like water so cold,
I feel you, I feel you so far away,
Yet I keep searching for you everyday.

Is there something wrong with me,
The memories so few, all I can see,
Crying at every thought of your return,
Silence instead, present in an urn.

One day it wont feel as bad,
One day I wont make you mad.
Mar 2020 · 288
The sirens call
Tuesday Mar 2020
The siren's are singing,
I hear them, they call,
Their cries they summon me,
Into the wild sea.

Their gentle song,
A beautiful hum,
The crashing of waves,
The thunder that saves,
The stillness, inside of me.

Find me, here in this sea,
The dance I share,
Alone, I am free,
The place I found me.

The urgency, the hunger,
Burning in my eyes, the wonder,
What was my life before this?
The sea I will always miss.

Another sun rises,
A stunning blaze, above glassy waves,
I find in myself hope arises,
I surrender into the hope that saves,
The moonlight glistens,
Forever my heart will listen.

My home, my shelter, my life and my love.
For here I am, alone.
In the sea.

— The End —