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Steel Magnolia Aug 2019
let me wither
Let me die in a corner
Let me wither
I don't  want any water
Let me wither
Take the light take the sun
Let me wither
Without an explanation
Let me wither and die
Steel Magnolia Aug 2019
I want to run
To run away from you
I want to run far far away
to the land of  dreams
Where I won't find you
Not even in my sins
how much you hurt me?
I have serious scars
My past is painful!
please don't think  
I care for you...
I still haven't decide!
Someone just told me
'What would you do if
I had a magic wand?'
I will just vanish you
I will still love you
But I will just vanish you
Steel Magnolia Aug 2019
You look at me 
And say 
I am chaos
when you me 
I am chaos....
Ask yourself why
when you look at me
I explode into chaos?
I  kiss you  
tremble, feel you,
Touch you and
Fade away
Into tiny tiny pieces 
Of myself
Steel Magnolia Aug 2019
So many years went by
I wanted to forget you
I even really made it!
but God being infinitely  playful
First took you away
Then created the occasion,
That moment of weakness
for you to step back
 Dear God  why do you play with me?
What was it so hard for you to stop teasing me? I feel confused  
I took a path....
now I can not choose
Is it possible to follow two paths?
Will they get intertwined ?
Oh God I know you laugh in front of my predicament!!
It does only amuse you
Why even you laugh at me? I suppose it's funny so so funny I even smile
It's you but they call it my destiny!
Steel Magnolia Aug 2019
I'm afraid I won't feel you
I'm afraid  I won't  touch you
I'm afraid I wont  look at myself
through your  eyes ,
in your eyes
clear blue peaceful mirrors
I'm afraid I won't be there no more
I'm afraid us is no more
Deep inside no more
Wondering eyes no more
Just pain indescribable pain...
Your eyes will turn to memory
I will be just a memory
And this life will be no more
Steel Magnolia Aug 2019
Forbidden  Passion
These feelings drag me,
they drag me
Towards you.
Violent force, 
A game you play
that traps me....
I am easy prey
I  vehemently agree
And open myself to you
There is no border that separates us,
no physical limit to stop me,
where you go ....
my mind follows ,
although my body is imprisoned
my heart is a fugitive,
runs away, always runs away
from you to you
My body and soul are yours.
Just crave your intense venum
that keeps coming back
Like a bad lingering smell
Intense Venum.....
That keeps coming back
Intense Venum....
I desperately know
that in the end
I will just perish
And you will just laugh

— The End —