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The ocean and the sky
The place where the end and the endless meet
The place where they dance with golden embers of fire
The ocean and the sky
The place where the endless and the end meet

Hazel eye
Outshining the darkening sky
And the dancing ocean premise
Brilliant laughter
Brighter than the dying star

The ocean and the sky,
Where all the ends meet
Bourne of the Wild,
Destiny's wrathful child,
Shall penetrate through the mysterious veil
Wrought by life's hands beguile
I wish you were here
On this rainy night.
Wrapped in a warm blanket,
My head on your shoulder;
Sitting close and holding hands,
A hot cup of coffee in the other.
Cool air
playing with your moist hair
A beautiful fragrance
Drifting all about your essence
Talking of small things
Just to hear your voice
Drowning in each others attentions
Our hearts rejoice
Lovingly planted kisses
Affectionate little smiles
Endearing little giggles
My whole world in your eyes
I wish you were here
A blinding flash of lightening
A distant clap of thunder
The ever blowing gale wind
Stillness torn asunder.
The earth shivers
By the roar of rumbling thunder
Pellets of pattering rain;
A romantic heart will wonder,
Who brought about this grandeur?
Into utter chaos
the world will stumble
Awed by power
Human ego will crumble
Vast depths of silence
streaming through the night sky.
The monotonously moving trees
Swaying in unison.
Lapping erratically,
The cool breeze blows
Serene and cool,
The full moon glows
Twinkling in playful sprite,
Stars wink in delight
Nature's humble beauty
By a master stroke; bedight
I watch as the night
Fades away to light
And I wish the night
could stay a little longer
And keep with it
The pounding rain and thunder

Dusk to dawn in your arms, I spend
While you, lovingly, to my wounds tend
Your lovely fingers caress my cheek
I forget all, in me, that which was bleak

I pull you closer and hug you tight
But I just can't seem to get it right
The closer I get, the closer I want to be
With hairsbreadth space, I still have to deal

That light forehead kiss
Those gentle fingers of bliss
This is my place of all cures
Those heavenly arms of yours

I still plead for the night to stay
But the morning light takes you away
And the rest of the day, I feel dead
Without you; though, you were always just in my head
Weeks after I thought
I had stopped loving her
All it took was her smile
To whisk my heart away from me
One of my few whimsical tributes, to my dear ladylove
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