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fleshly layers slowly parting
slipping 'tween breathless sighs
eagerly dividing, penetrating
these moist, tender ripples
creamy fluids seep warmly onto
skin, taut and tightly stretched
as we, becoming one in one
a union joined at the heart
 Jul 2019 Balthazar
A W Bullen
To Where Tyrolean aurochs
graze in cools of lapis prairie
, I have come,
In A Balthazar of star- led zeal,
my scarlet hunter flown from
urban zodiacs of anxious ports,
of ailing townships steaming in
their millioned yellow orders,
sick beneath the mountain's boot.

Through dim grimmiores
of softwood press
I sleeve,
In sympathies of woad to glean
the narrative of under_ storey,
bourne to earn my Eagle .
I  chance to know the trip of wind
kissed, sinuous on beaufort scales
balanced on a fingers edge to
turn October
into wine.
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