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Her lover lives in a village
With blue doors and whitewashed walls
Narrow alleyways that are filled
With sacrilege and scorn and secrets.

He prays five times daily
But when she runs to her lover in the afternoon
She separates him from his god
And he turns to face her.

His hands undo her from below...
Make their way to her middle...
Shows her reckless abandon up top...
And she does not stop him.

How many times had they done this?
Allowed **** and desire to overcome piety
They would risk it all for this one moment
Even if death and judgment would be their fate.

Her cries are muffled by the bearded man
Who calls the believers to prayer
High on his perch where he can see everything
But chooses to report nothing.

The air is cold, and when she exhales,
her hot breath spills out into the room.
A girl without a name, this girl from Tangier
Teaching her devout lover her wicked ways.
What will happen when she lays upon his skin?

She is going to kiss every crevice.
Every wound.
And when she has finished,
he will lift her up
and return her “tendresse” with gratitude.
And then they will become one,
filling the starry night
with a love and passion so strong
even the moon will blush.
Pour toi
Avec toi
Sans toi...

Comment pourrais-je jamais survivre?

Garde-moi bien avec toi
Pour toujours
Mon coeur qui batte contre le tien
Aura besoin de ta gentillesse.

S'aimer, c'est tout ce qu'il me faut
Pour rester en vie...
Sinon, à quoi ça sert?

For you
With you
Without you...

How could I ever survive?

Keep me with you
My heart that beats against yours
Will need your kindness.

Loving each other is all I need
To stay alive...
Otherwise, what's the point?
Balthazar Feb 3
Lay me down
And undress me
But be prepared beforehand
To love every part of me.
Balthazar Feb 3
I love you, but...
This hesitation is what ruins us.
But you are too blinded by your own desires
To see.

Imagine if you put me first...
The revolution it would cause.
But you are not ready for me
So leave.
Balthazar Feb 3
You loved me deeply
The best way you knew how
With everything inside of you
More than you have loved
Anyone ever before...

But it was not enough.

I was not strong enough to survive
what your love had to offer me.

I did love you back, though.
Balthazar Feb 2
Plucked from the sky
And burst into stardust
This arranging of words
To form moments of intimate candor.

Close your eyes
And wish upon a star.
Does it look like you?
Does it look like me?
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