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Julia Celine Jun 6
I speak to the moon about you
And she's tired of hearing about your phases
We drink to you until the sunrise
When all your light seems somewhat faded
Julia Celine Jun 5
Like dust in the wind
I'm the tiny particles
Following in your footsteps

Like small talked words
I lay forgotten
Upon your restless lips

Still there but not quite there
I seek out
Some important form

Like dust in the wind
I'm scattered
Spread too thin across your floor
Julia Celine Jun 4
Living on borrowed time,
Our love built a fortress
That we'd never get to live in
It's reinforced with resilient hope
And embellished with reminiscence
Too bright to be buried
Too strong to be knocked down
But we defend against nothing but footsteps
As we walk from this hallowed ground
Julia Celine May 23
Live with me away from here
Where the poppies wilt to nothing
I promise I caught these little secrets
in days when the roses caught me blushing

Cascading light on fallen clarity
Left for a past that'd gone indifferent
Isn't it something, we found infinity
And learned how little that it meant
Julia Celine May 20
You may have nothing but kind words
But I
Still shudder away at the intrusive suspicion
That I must study your cadence
For any inflection
To find a truth
That caters to
My worst imagination
Julia Celine May 3
I can't live off of the stories
I wrote in better times
Finding bits of love and lasting
Left in someone else's mouth

For the fear of what I am now
Or what could then become
Of the trail of crumbs I left
To hush a hunger far too loud
Julia Celine Apr 28
Your indifferent hands make disarray
Of meticulously maneuvered letters
Tethered by the taste of sunlight
Cast upon the header

I know you don't love poetry
But my heart still longs to write you
Knitting rows of golden thread
That ties my soul to you

Though I know it never reaches you
I see the vacancy in your eyes
And I wonder how many fabrications
I've sewn together in my mind

I tell you that I love you
In way too many words
I wrap this thread around me
And pretend you ever understood
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