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I would still love you
set ablaze ten suns with a match
and run after a wild rabbit in the forest even after dark

there, I am sure I would not fear
even the rustling leaves

there they could punish me, bring down the inquisition, accuse at the stake, but I still would find a way to forgive and smile in your direction

I would still love you
sometimes I do not think it good
to feel such things

What’s a maid doing running into the woods after a cow
what’s the earth doing revolving the sun
don’t ask me. Don’t ask me anymore.
 7d Julia Celine
In a river,
I will pour my love
as you watch it sink

On your shoulder,
I will pour my salty tears
and pray to forget you
I myself in
the blissful radiance of
the sunflower field
contained within your soul.
It warms me like the eternal bond
between the sun
and the flower.
I've slept too long

      no more the slumber

      life's next song

      is springing to my ear--

      beauty will never do any wrong

      as bouquets of wonder she sets to gather

      with love and rejoicing in music's throng

      life doesn't die--it will live forever
Before I can reach out to others

I must be able to reach within me

the foundation must precede the building

only this will make for my credulity
old hurts like river rocks
out all day in the sun
stay warm at night
under the star vigil
watching the water split
and come together
I carry you with me
wherever I go
between heart and soul,
in the extraordinary and
the ordinary moments in life.
I keep you in these eyes
that dream of a future
of you and I,
in my lips
that tell the tale of this hardship,
in my hands
that write of our wonderland,
in the mind
that never left you behind.
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