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JDL Apr 2020
All good things happen in the time they take to be Good.
JDL Mar 2020
We all have two “selves”: the false self is the one that believes we belong to this world, the real self is the one that knows we do not.
JDL Mar 2020
Do you ever wonder why music transcends sound?

Or why a painting transcends the landscape that it represents?

Or why your home transcends it’s geographical location?

Or how a story book transcends the pages and words by taking you on an adventure to another planet that you wish to never leave?

Do you ever wonder why no matter what you do or where you are, something profound feels to be missing that these transcendent moments merely beckon?

What makes them so tantalizing?

Why do so many of us live for these transcendent moments that always fail to deliver what they always promise?

Is it because what they promise is actually the thing to which they point rather than what they promise?

Is that why these transcendent moments deliver with diminishing returns?

Are we just getting a titillating taste of true reality or is it just a scratch and sniff of a single ingredient?

If these transcendent moments are created through material objects but move beyond the object, mustn’t there be something beyond material reality?
JDL Mar 2020
Maybe our current reality seems so subjective because we can see only through our own perceptions, bound by time and physicality. Maybe Heaven is where we will all finally see the same real, objective, profound reality for which each one of us has been yearning and of which all things in our current reality are mere reflections.
JDL Feb 2020
Oh God, you keep my tiny heart beating
Attention always given to my bleating
Your breath keeps my lungs from collapsing
Your Grace keeps my sins from relapsing
You keep firm the Earth beneath my feet
Your ears hear my prayers to help me sleep
Your clean water flows freely within my sink
Your gift of consciousness allows me think
Your love and grace forgive when I disobey
Without you I would not have the words to say
Oh God, you keep my tiny heart beating
JDL Feb 2020
When I’m locked you give me The Key
When I’m blind you help me see
When I’m deaf you help me hear
When I’m off course you help me steer
When I’m indecisive you help me choose
When I’m too tired you let me snooze
When I’m lost you show me The Way
When I’m having troubles, you pray
When I’m looking down you point me Up
When I’m pushed down you lift me Up
When I’m broken you Glue me back together
When I’m losing it you keep me Tethered
When I’m forgetting something you remind me
When I’m taking you for granted you forgive me
JDL Feb 2020
Intelligence is like a compass, in that it allows you to go a specific direction but is only useful in the context of the wilderness that you stand within. Without knowing where you are and where you are going, a compass will only help you stay the course towards an unknown destination. Wisdom is the map upon which the compass lies, that which gives sustained direction the context it needs to ensure the intended destination is reached.
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