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There but for the grace of God go I.
There but for the grace of God go I.
Having reached the age of six n seventy
Eagles of the sea have taught me to fly
Rich rewards await if you reach a land o plenty
Expectations under wraps but you have to try

By loving and giving the passport to nobility
Unless you keep a faith you’ll never know why
There but for the grace of God go I

Fortune favours t’ brave my Daddy w’ so wise.
On those winter nights he reads to my delight
Rubicon of literary giants was my prize.

The works o’ Rudyard Kipling kept a boy alive
Hidden hero’s mentoring a child with a desire
Every Sunday church attend all were s’advised

Granted there but for the grace of God go I
Running clear of all the gangs Im traumatised
Atheists n sinners ridiculed looking in my eyes
Call yourself a Christian ?Well we are amazed
Even with such provocative faith held for years

On life threatening occasions it never wavered
Faith holds the key as friends fail to survive

Gladly ,there but for the grace of God go I
Oh grant me that grace to be of your PA
Diligence and devotion t’ serve you all my days

God channeled me my words for love of man
Only wish to perpetuate the joy of poetry.

In an age.When fake news is everywhere .
Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
The grace of God should be appreciated
The weekends are definitely the worst
The weekends are definitely the worst
Having got thru the last five lonely days
Experiencing the life of a single man

Well baby it’s not fun. I so miss you.
Even though I have a free reign in everything
Everyday the freedom to explore new things
Kind people tell me each n every day heals
Even though the weekends are definitely worst
Notwithstanding , it’s only 8 weeks since you
Died in my arms on that Saturday morning.
Saturday’s have become a dark day for me

As I miss you babe, reciting my poetry to you
Reciting the entreaties I wrote of togetherness
Every day I spent with you were happy days

Days filled with mutual and unconditional love
Even as we gave each other everlasting love
Failing to ever take death into consideration
I think the weekends are definitely the worst
No as I lay here in my very lonely apartment
And watching happy people enjoying life
They act as if they think nought has happened
Even if they do know and display condolences
Like it’s a band-aid over to mend my sad heart
You know Baby that I will never get over you.

The weekends are definitely the worst
Having made recompense to your children
Experiencing the slow ostracism death brings

Weekdays can be filled with many things to do
Only reaching Saturday...I crash land burnt out
Remembering that tragic day of all days.
So my Darling I sit and write my poetry.
The weekends are definitely the worst

Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
Remembering a tragic event. The death of my wife
The long and winding road.   (4)
The long and winding road.
Have you any idea what it’s like driving here
Especially in the desert hundreds of miles

Long distances never agreed with me,driving
Or did I want to take this trip in the first place?
Not ‘til my Daughter called me three days ago
God knows who she got ******* with this time

After all we did for her ..  sent her to boarding
Nine years old. Yes I guess that was so young
Didn’t see her much for the next seven years

When she left home at sixteen. Now she’s 20
I  never heard from her till now...? Oh dear.
No doubt she won’t recognise me I’m aged.
Divorced her mother three years last week
I sit at home all day writing poetry. It’s a drug
No I can’t stop writing n posting and critiquing
Got divorced ‘cause  of that. She hates poems

Rhyming was also a problem , I talk in rhyme.
On Sunday I talk in Biblical phrases. Don’t ask.
A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. !!  
Daddy hears you Baby. I’m still on my way. !!!  

Written by Philip
November 9th  2018.
Episode (4)
The slow madness caused by driving in the hot sun
  Nov 2018 Philip Winchester
Measure my love in starlight
And set the sky ablaze
Measure my love in words
And eternal speak my beloved’s praise

Measure my love in raindrops
And overflow the seas
Measure my love in sighing
And make storms from a summer breeze

Measure my love in music
And hear all the world’s choirs sing
Measure my love in riches
And make every pauper a king

Measure my love in heartbeats
And deafen every ear
Measure my love in laughter
And banish every tear

Seek to measure my love as some might wish
By consulting the learned or wise
But each effort will fail, because such a scale
No mortal thought can devise
Respect for the other poets point of view
Respect for the other poets point of view.
Especially if we talk of poetic justice
Some say you get out of life what you put in
Poetry critique is most important it takes time
Every poem read can be acknowledged with a
Click to the heart or thumbs up icon box.
Though I prefer to give an in-depth comment

For me it pays the fees for my poetic license
Oh I know the other way is quick n sterile
Respect for the other poets point of view.

The work expands to fit the time availability
Hair should be kept on if responding critique
Especially if to you it is rude or offensive

Only sometimes comments  r lost in translation
The meaning very different in other ethnicity’s
Hey poets , soften up and use your skills
Establish a system of in depth kind critique
Respect for the other poets point of view.

Poets are human, they have a heart you know
Only oft it’s forgotten behind a non-de-plume
Every poem read is subconsciously brain fed
To the deepest channels of your mind.
Sometimes....Eureka.... it triggers a process.

Processing beautiful poetic verse of others
Oh you do get out of life whatever you put in
I have experience and I know this to be true.
Now my poet friends please mark my words
To have respect for other poets points of view

On a scale of one to ten. Let’s say a ten.
For if you make the time , whatever you have.

Very soon you will become a blooming genius
I know that is the ambition of every poet.
Ethereal guides and Angels follow your efforts
With that in mind, go and be inspired today.
Written by Philip.
November 9th 2018.
Respect for the other poets point of view
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