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Air conditioner.
Air conditioner
I made it possibly to live in relative comfort
Refreshing air by clever refrigeration cycles

Clever cycling of Freon gasses as compressed
Oh Mr Carrier you made it all so possible
Natural climates in the home and malls
Dynamically altered to a comfortable temp.
I am a poet n dispense without condition
To the world I give my poetry for free on.
In some places the Freon gas is taboo
Only my free poetry creates conditions
Never has so much poetry been released
Earth bound and channeled by Gods spirit
Relax now and read in the comfort of home.

Written by Philip.
November 7th 2018.
Natural play upon words and facts. On a technicality difficult subject. Air conditioning
May I share with you ?
This simple Haiku

May I share with you?
This uplifting poetry
With me all my life.

From Memory my favourite poem by Rudyard Kipling. “IF”.

If you can keep your head when all about you Are loosing there’s and blaming you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you ,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about ,don’t deal in lies.
Or being hated ,don’t give way to hating ,
And yet don’t look too good ,nor talk too wise.

If you can dream ~and not make dreams your master ,
If you can think ~ and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to ,broken.
And stoop and build them up with worn out tools.

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it all on one turn of pitch and toss,
And loose ,and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the will which says to them “Hold on “

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue
Or walk with kings~ nor loose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you ,
If all men count with you , but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds worth of distance run
Yours is the earth and everything that’s in it ,
And  -which is more- you’ll be a Man,my son !
Now my father and mother gave me a copy of this poem when I was about 10.
I have tried to tick all these boxes ever since.
It may seem a little old fashioned now as it was written about 110  years ago.
It’s always helped me.
I needed each and every virtue today.
See all of the above is true and will carry everyone through the trials of life . This has worked for me , I know it will work for you.
All in love is fair. ?
All in love is fair?
Love ? Don’t  need me to tell you it ain’t true
Love is so one-sided , you feel taken for a fool

In love or out o’ love are there any special rules
No one can say without hindsight anyway.

Love may still be said , be essential to the plan
Of couples in attraction,magnetism draws ‘me
Violate the trust though it’s to remain unsaid
Eternal life relationships are most times rare.

In man a selfish gene’s bin resident from birth
Sons waited on by hand and foot by mum.

Females are the servants of that super Adonis
All macho drinking and reading tabloid papers
In life only love that’s fair is love n no condition
Requited love is sure “The only love that’s fair”
Written by Philip
A common question in any relationship
All that I have ,give I to thee. Ref 006.
All that I have , give I to thee.
Listen while I relate the facts
Look into my eyes and see

The truth of my love for you.
Having a devotion unconditionally
All that I have give I to thee.
The spark we have burns bright

It is like a beacon, a guiding light.

Hopes and dreams reach reality
All that I have give I to thee.
Virtually every wish is coming true
Eventually angels grant our desires

Granted for we love unconditionally
I love you Barbara ,know this is true
Vain my entreaties to prove it to you
Each and every action betwixt us .

It is like a powerful star in the sky

Transforming light of day in night
Oh how I pray that we may survive

To continue in our journey thru life
Happy in the thoughts we have
Enjoy your life with me my Darling
Everlasting  pleasure God grants us
Philip. January 29th 2017.
Written to my wife Barbara in the days of our life of absolute happiness.
A poet is a poet is a poet.

Philip is the name I use
Oliver is my family name
Especially on my passport
True my passport should say Poet

I like to think I am one.
So I write a poem every day

A poet is a poet is a poet

Poetic license I like to take
Occasionally when I need to
Especially when I talk in metaphors
Twitter -pated . Tongue -twisted metaphors

Introducing the art of the Acrostic Poem
Simply using the phrase vertically to trigger

A poet is a poet is a poet

Poets need to die to become well read.
Only the lucky ones ever get published
Even John Keats wasn’t recognised in life
Trick is to keep on writing for all your worth.
An example of a 15 minute exercise
Ask not what the Universe can do for you.

Ask what you can do to aid the Universe ?
~.An Acrostic exercise ~October 27th 2018.

Ask not what the Universe can do for you.
Sometimes they are under relentless demand
Kings and beggars and entrepreneurs pray

Never mind ,what they can offer the Universe
On a daily basis pray for their own deliverance
To make ends meet, eat a crust , or a cure

We poets here on our favourite web-site know
Having been seeking the true way forward
Ask not what the Universe can do fo you.
Though this is the expected way to pray

The first thought in our head should ever be
Hey ! What can I do to aid the Universe.
Earth and the environment but a small part

Universe stretches deep deep into the cosmos
Now where do you think heaven rests in this ?
I believe it is here and surrounds us completely
Virtually every loved one that has passed on
Every thought process that you possess
Reacts in your minds eye as memory
So perpetuating the life span of a loved one.
Expand your own meditation to include them.

Clearly giving an aid to the Universal spirit.
Asks not what the Universe can do for you.
Never complain about being forsaken by God.

Do as you would be done by and **** it up.
Only pausing to calculate the best way to rise

From the sad position you find that you’re in
On giving something back to the Universe
Riches will flow back to you a thousand fold

Yes but not necessarily in a financial way
Or in an appropriation of jewels or art
Universal gifts seldom trade in those chattels

Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
Simply think about it in a pure and selfless way
Knowledge gained during your own life’s span

Wake up and smell the coffee if you can
Having negotiated the slings and arrows
Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
To me its a simple question n a simple answer

You can positively manifest your own pathway
On that road you have many crossroads
Universe has trained the minds of past lives

Coincidentally you carry the minds past loves
Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
Now bring back to mind all souls of meaning

Dedicate the sights and the fragrance of life
On a kind of conference call to the departed

Tell me if you think what I say is too far fetched
Only I know that it works ,well it does for me.

Ask what you can do to aid the Universe
I posed that question many many years ago
During the time that I prayed then to God

The crisis erupted between Russia an the US
Hydrogen and nuclear bombs were threatened
Europe ,a state of emergency unprecedented

Undaunted I joined the Civil defence, in ‘62
Now looking back , I realise my pathway’s set
In not expecting the Universe to be helping
Venus in retrograde and other cosmic moves
Effects of the moon phases all considered.
Reality is you hold the precious key to success
So next time you pray , you’d better pray good.
Entreating God to advise his plans for your day

An Acrostic poem written by Philip. 27/10/18.
Inspired by the JFK speech of ‘62. “Ask not what your country can do for you. But what you can do for your country. “
A stark lesson.
(Beware not to give it all away. )
A stark lesson I now relate.
If you put all into life and fail to withdraw
Your happy philanthropic nature giving more.
Men will arrive and take n never show remorse
Your coffers soon exhausted standing empty
Stripped by those you helped when you had
Never throw away a poem draft. You may lose the computer but a paper draft you may find 11 years later.
A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife. Ref 022
An “Acrostic “poetic tribute to my darling girl
Written by Philip 4th October 2018.

A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife.

Six years in the making , it ended all too soon
Two oldies ,lost your husband I lost my wife
Oh you were so Australian n I a winging Pom
Reaching three score years and ten in life
You ‘d have to say “What were these guys on”

Oh it’s chemistry yes the chemistry was right
For t’was a no brainer , I knew I wasn’t wrong

A story of Australian terms plants and wild life
Under this Oz Angel,who tried to get me gone
Something clicked, I had to make her my wife.
That took a good six months to bring together
Racing up n down from Sydney to Melbourne
And we did the road trip up to Sydney to live
Loving the old Aussie towns on the route
In fact we had a year renting in Manley NSW
A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife
New words and phrases and broad humour

Terms like tucker and strine and wowser
Echidna ? that burrowing egg laying mammal
Ringtail possums sitting on the garden fences
Many ,varied and colourful birds in life abound
Some so vocal with a cacophony of sound.

Phil and Barbara born on different continents
Living seventy years on different continents.
And now coming together in a beautiful bond
Nothing to compare in a hundred n fifty years.
That’s the extent of our joint living years.
Segregated on two separate continents

An “ Acrostic” tribute to my darling girl.
Now having met by chance at a family party
Drawn together to form the ultimate affair

Would you not like to hear more about us?
I was scared to venture off the beaten track.
Like I am supposed to be talking nature
Dinkum is something genuinely honest
Love is honest , love is unconditional
I want to make this poem so very honest
Furphy gave rise to an unfounded rumour
Exactly ! Furphy was the early water carrier

An  “Acrostic “ tribute to my darling girl.
Now I know she deserves another tribute.

And I for sure will give it to my dearest one
Coolgardie safe for keeping food cool
Roo meat is tender if you keep it out the sun.
Ockers abound those matey unpolished males
Smoking away their lives in designated areas
These men are the salt of the earth,sociable
I would oft sit in the smoking area and blah
Conversations diverse But I don’t smoke.

Pavlova graces many a table covered in fruit
On the occasional meal out we may partake
Especially at our birthday anniversary treats
Those dates so special in our calendar
I remember June before last we made a trip
Coming over the beautiful Blue Mountains

The trip we made was to Bathurst in NSW
Reminiscing in the town of Barbara’s birth
I was enchanted by the fertile landscapes
Backblocks n outback. Remote country areas
Urgent that we found the ancient homestead
Then met Barbs cousin who still farms there
Even though  Seventy years had passed since

Turned out that he was orphaned as a child
Orphaned when his mother died in childbirth

My God, times were tough in those days.
Yet how I ramble? I should be teaching nature

Diligently I shall try to stick to the point.
A story of Australian terms plants and wildlife.
Ringtail possums possesses essential stoicism
Larrikin ? beware of that grog filled hooligan
It looks like a possum especially when drunk.
Now we were sometimes awakened by them.
Grog is the devils brew if VB is consumed

Grant me a moment of reflection to the finale
I got little to show for my poem of Nature
Rightly this is a tribute to my Darling girl
Let no man think I fantasise. This grief is real.
Written by Philip. 4th. October 2018.
An Acrostic exercise
At funerals eve we lift a glass or two. Ref 015
At funerals eve we lift a glass
To drink to life of our dearest Barbara.

For fighting for life leaves nought to chance
Under such a threat they let you go
Not minding that you were my finest jewel
Engaging through how sweet the nectar flows
Rarely stopping in pursuit of the Wizards too
And fearless did you act and it goes to show
Lesser women fade but not Barbara Browne
She had enough she had enough yes enough

Eventually the strongest boughs will break.
Virtual reality comes to the fore mind  n body
Earth to earth ,ashes to ashes , dust to dust.

Woman of a very extra special beauty note
Even if your face n body are beyond compare

Little hints and wrinkles become so apparent
I could only see the most beautiful of women
Fortune favoured me when I met my Barbara
Twinkling eyes ,a noble hint of sophistication

And an arrogant methodology scary but true

Glasses we would raise upon a nightly phase
Limited as one is to just a long iced cordial
And me ? Well me she poured a *** or scotch
So at funerals eve we lift a glass or two
Summers ,winters,year on year to Barbara.

Rest In Peace my darling girl. Be not afraid
The tornadoes now released will fade in time

Written by Philip 26/9/2018.
Barbara was a SRN and Midwife, a lifelong supporter of AA. Rescue of those addicted by alcohol and drugs.
She will be well received in heaven.She was my Woman Brave.
A Poem ~ A valuable lesson learned as a child
Composed by Philip October 7th 2018. Ref 024
A valuable lesson learned as a child.
A valuable lesson learned as a child.

Valuable for all the obvious reasons.
And when it comes to my minds filed
Labeled “Experience “ that is its location
Unless you are so pure. You know what I mean
As seldom in this world only Angels are pure.
But as you know, life is a series of experiences
Life is a precious hour or a hundred years
Every now n then you learn a valuable lesson

Live it , learn from it , store it in the memory.
Eventually you have a wealth of experiences.
So where am I going with this poetic analogy ?
Sometimes a valuable experience surfaces
On this occasion I was about five off puberty
Not knowing much with God fearing practices

Learned the Commandments not new to me
Every Sunday would read n recite At masses
A sacred list of ten as God watches over me.
Repeating verbatim in our daily Bible classes
No Gods before me , nor taking God in vain
Even remember to keep holy the sabbath day
Daddy and mummy would ever be honoured

And most important know “Thou shalt not **** “
Shalt not adultery commit ;Whatever that was

And the big one of all Thou shalt not steal.

Children under Gods eye cannot steal.
Having no mind bearing false witness because
I would not covet neighbours wife or goods.
Like at the time covet was not known to me.
Did I ever imagine how good life would be ?

An Acrostic poem. By Philip.
Written Sunday 7th October 2018.
As a tribute to my dear departed Barbara.
An Acrostic exercise
Come fly like an Eagle
                Come fly like an Eagle

                       ­ A sea Eagle
                We will fly from Sydney
              Up and away to Brisbane
           So make yourself comfortable
       We will fly so high above the clouds
    Without the aid of any mind altering drugs
                         Don’t look down !
                          Trust in only me
                           For I am a poet
                           With the license
                           A special license
                           To an inspiration
- [ ]                   Living your dreams
- [ ]                     From that Fantasy
- [ ]                     Into your true Reality
- [ ]                    Fasten your safety belt
- [ ]              It’s just at the joint of my wings
- [ ]              Turn off all your mobile devices
- [ ]           Now let the poetry begin my friends
- [ ]       Write to me with your poetic inspiration
- [ ]                        Kind regards Philip.
- [ ] ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
- [ ] November 4th 2018.
A concrete concept of a poem
Come fly with me.
Come fly with me.
   The history of the World
       And the poetry of the World
           Is more than just fascinating
               The fantasy that can be then woven
            Whist you are flying like an Eagle
         Far beyond the natural limits
      Of your very own experience
    And in a sacred association
  Come fly with me.
Written by Philip
November 4th 2018.
Flying with the fantasy
Spatial poem
Has varied shapes
Ancient kind of verse
With Traditional Shapes.
Many  vague symbolic themes.
From tapers lozenges eggs or spheres
The concrete spatial poem has varied shapes.
~~            ~~          ~~            ~~
the above is with a Dectina Refrain
Day tripper. (An Acrostic)
Day tripper.
An Angel of the streets
Yes  looked good in the dark with light behind

Though her behind sagged She were a tripper
Ripping through every penny that she made.
I knew her when she was young n beautiful
Pimps ran her life now and oh how she’d aged
Persecuted by the cops with the tricks to play
Eventually she became the tripper every day.
Rita was the meter maid of Liverpool they Say

Written by Philip.
She had a ticket to ride
But she don’t care.
November 4th 2018.
A nodding tribute to the Beatles.
Do you have a ticket to ride ?
               Do you have a ticket to ride ?
                 Only this Eagle’s for poets

                   You have to take JetStar
                    Of course no unwashed
                     Unless you show faith

                      Having faith essential
                       As no atheists here
                        Virtually a reality
                         Especially here

                          Air Sea Eagle

                          To fly up n up.
                            Into the sky
                             Careful now
                              Keep hats on
                              Experience it
                              Two hour trip

                                To Brisbane
                                Over mountains

                                Rivers and lakes
                                In a wink of an eye.
                                  Destination Philip
                                Experience the spirit.

Just a little fun.
A concrete poem. Written by Philip
November4th 2018.
Have fun with your words
Everlasting love is a commitment  Ref 008

Everlasting love is a commitment.
Virtual reality cannot ever compare
Everlasting reality is my love for you
Reality that continues unabated
Longer than  affairs of the heart
As my darling I know you by heart
Since the first Happy days meeting
The first day of the rest of my life
I discovered an everlasting love
Not withstanding your aloof brow
Golden are the moments shared

Love's unconditional commitment
Only true lovers understand it .
Very close encounters promote it
Especially within thy noble form

I love you so much my Barbara
So much once to inspire my mind

As constant is my wish to praise

Composing lines of loving prose
On each and every living day.
My mind races with the inspiration
Mastering words of literary giants
In songs of praise dedicated to thee
Then understand my commitment
My commitment ,to my darling girl
Everlasting love is my commitment
Not just for now but forever always
Thank you for our life commitment
From my tribute archive sent daily to my wife.
Give everybody the truth
An Acrostic Poem by Philip

Give everybody the truth.
In a nutshell let’s be open about this.
Virtually nobody knows the meaning of life
Experience helps but it is a long journey

Every year goes by and you learn something
Very soon after seventy years you know all
Even though you cannot remember breakfast
Really you still don’t understand the meaning
You don’t understand the meaning of life
By now you would think they’d give us truth
Oh as some say the answer is forty two.
Did they think that they could fob me off ?
You have to get up early in the morning

The truth with a full disclosure is desired
Having no more beating about the bush
Every politician that wants our precious vote

Trust me. They rant, believe in me , I am truth.
Relax and smile , yes you’ve heard it all before
Unicorns are the holders of the whole truth
They are out there and only visible to Poets
Have faith my friends and the truth’s reveals

Give the people truth. An Acrostic exercise
Gold and silver have I very little of
But such as I have of spiritual wealth
Give I to thee, my family and friends
And farther more it is .....Unconditional
An Acrostic Exercise:

I am feeling so anxious today mother.
I am feeling so anxious today mother

Anxious ‘cause I don’t wanna go to school
My tummy hurts n my head it does so ache

Forget about that son as I gotta go to work
Even if you’s die in , you’s still gotta go today
Especially as you’s only just learnt the word
Learning the word “Anxious” early for you child
I am feeling so anxious today darling mother
No don’t make me go off now to work.
God ,I ain’t got it in me ,I keep jus getting hurt.

**** it up ,I command you , your lazy like Dad.
Off to work now for a $ to keep us all afloat .

As your daddy’s sick it’s that whiskey he drinks
Now mummy I’m anxious,I just met a lovely girl
X rated movies has taught me just how t’kiss.
I just couldn’t stop myself , will I just go blind.?
Of course you’re a wicked an ‘ ungrateful boy.
Unless you end your evil ways ,you’ll have t’go
So I dragged my anxious body outta the home

To seek new horizons, rough livin’ and such.
Oh God won’t you help me? T’s bench is rough
Do you keep me anxious as some punishment
A Hobo came up to me. Begging me f’change
Yes I gave him my $5 , just all that I did have

My God I looked into his eyes, in them I did see
Oh mother Mary smiling and looking backa me
The anxiety that dogged me , lifted in a blink.
Happiness engulfed me. I started then to think.
Eternal love of Jesus is the only way to go.
Restoring sacred attitudes, “anxiety “ to hell.
Written by Philip. 28th October 2018.
( Only a made up story Folks. As an Acrostic exercise) let’s try one All sometime ?
Written as an Acrostic exercise to aid a friendly poet.
To share the joint experience of comparative poetry.
I am forever inspired by my Barbara ref 012
I am forever inspired by my Barbara

And she tells me that she loves me
Making the time  we spend together

From this day forward magical time
On each and every day a pleasure
Romancing my lovely woman brave
Enchanting with my simple phrases
Vainly lift her spirits wave by wave
Even if my girl is feeling so fragile
Rarely fails to lift her spirit high.

I am forever Inspired by my Barbara
Not on just extra special occasions
She projects me to highest heights
Poetic messages channeled by God
Inspirations to record my thoughts
Reactions to our fine togetherness
Enchanting in the way she moves
Dutiful in her many charitable acts

Barbara ! By God ! You are angel.
You can inspire the best in folk

My Goodness you're a woman fine
You dress in style and look devine

Bring me down to earth I pray
As I'm like a child on Christmas Day
Run life for us to your satisfaction
Because I trust your judgement so
As I am so inspired by our plan
Rich the gems of wisdom owned
As fine a woman known to man.
Philip. 26th January 2017.

Rest In Peace my Darling Girl.
Departed  17:00 hours 17th Sept 2018
This poem was typical of my homage to the love of my life Barbara 21 months before she tragically died in my arms.
If I were heaped with constant praise
If I were heaped with constant praise
My head would swell my hat won’t fit.
All I ask is my poems sometimes read
By comments saying words well said.

Six mumfs ago I cuddent even spel poet
Already Now by God I think I are one
I can rhyme hard things like cat and mat
And being a sudden genius is such fun.
Written by Philip  1st November 2018.
All writing has a base line from which to rise.
We can rise on wings provided by Hello Poetry
I’m going downhill fast. (1)
I’m going down hill fast.
I ought to get my act together
I’m going down hill fast.
Kissed my wife n said I love her
I’m going downhill fast.
Told her that there was no other.
I’m going downhill fast.
She says that I’m a liar.
I’m going down hill fast.

I’m going downhill fast.
Should have saved a fortune.
I’m going downhill fast.
Oh god it’s started raining
I’m going down hill fast.
My wind shield wipers failing
I’m going downhill fast.
My gearbox says it’s grinding
I’m going downhill fast.

I’m going downhill fast.
My boss has lost his faith in me
I’m going down hill fast.
I can’t give up the smokes you see
I’m going down hill fast.
This road is getting slippery
I’m going down hill fast
The headlights blind my capacity
I’m going downhill fast.

I’m going downhill fast.
Sleepy from the drinks I had.
I’m going down hill fast.
I am insured. So glad I am.
I’m going downhill fast
God knows why I live at all ?
I’m going down hill fast.
Gotta pull myself together
I’m going downhill fast.
Written by Philip Nov 2nd 2018.
A period in one’s life that creates “Experience “
I’m going downhill fast  (2)

I’m going downhill fast  
My goodness I feel hungry
I’m going downhill fast  
No meals today n it’s 8:30.
I’m going downhill fast  
I guess the next town has a curry
I’m going downhill fast  
I could eat a horse n chase the rider
I’m going downhill fast

I’m going downhill fast  
Wish it ‘ud just stop raining
I’m going downhill fast  
My roof has started leaking
I’m going downhill fast  
Oh  a road house neon flashing
I’m going downhill fast  
Just made it in n I’m soaking.
I’m going downhill fast  

I’m going downhill fast  
Went inside to face a dragon
I’m going downhill fast  
Ordered coffee and a burger
I’m going downhill fast  
Oh and waffles n maple syrup
I’m going downhill fast  
Sorry dragon quips kitchen closed at seven.
I’m going downhill fast  

I’m going downhill fast  
Nothing to eat here I don’t think it funny
I’m going downhill fast  
Does it help I’ll give you money
I’m going downhill fast  
I told you fella we close at seven
I’m going downhill fast  
Drew my gun and shot the ceiling.
I’m going downhill fast  
Written by Philip. 2 nd November 2018.
A simple way to tell a story with aliteration of sorts where you can develop a fantasy in as many chapters as you like . It works well with nine lines and five stanzas
I’m going downhill fast  (3)

I’m going downhill fast  
My stomach it is grumbling
I’m going downhill fast  
No food all day is frightening
I’m going downhill fast  
My insulin levels are rising
I’m going downhill fast  
I reckon my poor kidneys failing
I’m going downhill fast

I’m going downhill fast  
Wish I could find a cafe
I’m going downhill fast  
My tank is low on diesel
I’m going downhill fast  
Oh Christ is that a cop car?
I’m going downhill fast  
Just don’t think I am speeding.
I’m going downhill fast  

I’m going downhill fast  
Went wide on that last bend.
I’m going downhill fast  
Only nearly off my head and
I’m going downhill fast  
Oh and *uck knows where I’m heading
I’m going downhill fast  
Sorry . Should not give way to swearing
I’m going downhill fast  

I’m going downhill fast  
Nothing but a hot dog stand now
I’m going downhill fast  
Do I dare to stop now with a cop upon my tail?
I’m going downhill fast  
I  will stop an see I must chance my arm
I’m going downhill fast  
Doubt he will see my busted tail light.
I’m going downhill fast  
Written by Philip.3 rd November 2018.
Just a simple story of country folk
I saw her standing there.
I saw her standing there.

She looked at me and I  Well I could then see
An Angel in the guise of a pure Madonna
Well that’s when I told her my wife she’d be

Having learned to live alone I was for her.
Every day for weeks I begged her to be free
Rich poetry I gave not taking no for an answer

So many weeks of calls she’s was wise see
The way I looked was way beyond compare
And she would never look at any another
Not since she saw me standing there.
Did I say that we lived many miles apart ?
I at the time had no place of fine abode
No rooms to call my own to impress her so
God knows , I must  to put my act together

The solution was a nice sea view apartment
Having made the nest she put me to the test
Empowering me to be her true n faithful lover
Reciting poetry I found my life it turned around
Each time I saw my darling standing there.
Written by Philip November 5th 2018.
A true story of how I met my wife Barbara
I think I am the cat’s pyjamas
I think I am the cat’s pyjamas

Today and each and every day I’m told.
Halos hanging in my wardrobe tell me so
I think I am the cat’s pyjamas.
Not just an ordinary pair for an alley cat.
Know that I am a modest cat. It must be true

I think I am the cat’s pyjamas

And I will explain to you the clever things I do
My mummy cat try’s to curb my vanity

Though I think I am the cat’s pyjamas
Have you ever seen a cat writing poetry ?
Extra special pedigree cat’s can do this !

Can’t you see I am the cat’s pyjamas
And writing is my forte. It is my cloak.
Though I sleep every night with my beliefs
See I believe I am the cat’s pyjamas

Pyjamas of the finest Indonesia silk.
Yes in hues of pinks and vivid purple
Justification I am the cat’s pyjamas
And my modesty is known far and wide.
My goodness I am such a splendid Tom.
And to finalise know I am the cat’s pyjamas
See she told me last night so it must be true.!!
Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
The old English saying “He thinks he is the cat’s pyjamas”. Yes he’s so vain.
Let it be. .... (Acrostic)
Let it be.
Every time you wonder
That there may not be a God.

I would let it be, let it be ,let it be
The task is yours to solve ,let it be

By assuming you have God spirit within you.
Eventually you will solve it , let it be. !!!  
Written by Philip November 5th 2018.
The Beatles lyrics are most profound so let it be.
Poem ~Lifted by Angels Ref 018
Written by Philip. 29/9/2018.

Lifted by Angels
In that music that we loved
For the last six years together
The times just seemed to fly
Encouraging our relationship
Day by day , year by year you know

Barbara you were the love of my life
You know that Darling and it shows .

Anyway you see me now ,in my deep despair
Nothing really matters ,except everything.
God placed us both together ,a token period
Let me promise to the world , you ‘re ever here
Every minute of the day wherever I may be
Songs played together sung n danced the
            Night Away. ~~~~~~

Inspired by the track ~ Lifted by Angels
By John Farnham.
You may not know John Farnham in the USA or UK. Bit he is Rock Royalty in Australia. Listen to this track and appreciate the lyrics and the guitar riffs
Look. ( for those with eyes to see)
Look alive this day could be your last.
Look not a gift horse in the mouth.
Look not blue if happy times are past
Look through rosy glasses if in doubt.
Look in back,you’ll turn to pillared salt
Look one direction n paddle other way.
Look daggers at the man who is at fault
Look for that needle in a stack of hay.
Look,behold your words. Speak your mind
Written by Philip
Posted 30/10/2018.
I have found my paper store of many poems written between 2004-20012. I shall post a few for your pleasure and of course my own. This is from 2007.
Love love me do. (An Acrostic)
Love love me do.
Oh you know I love you.
Victory over reality you know
Ever faithful friend of my own

Love love me do.
Oh for Gods sake I love you.
Verbal pillow talk just ain’t enough.
Ever faithful friend of my God.

Me ? Well assume I am most God-fearing
Every book in the King James Bible read.

Dutifully I will love and revere my Darling wife
Oh if you please love me do.Without Condition
Written by Philip.
November 5th 2018.
Love Bible King James. Wife revere Beatles Lyrics
Mission Impossible

Your mission should you choose to accept it?
May be tougher than total disease eradicated
Slower than abolition of third word poverty
No pinnacle as high as a career in true poetry

You will be deprived of all satellite navigation
Ostracised b friends n fair weather neighbours
Unarmed just words are your feeble protection
Your existence denied , should they ever get u

Let me warn you my brave poet friend
Take heed, you may think it no problem
Write all this free verse indeed w’ a vengeance
But once your outside defending fair maidens

Vanity n pride are left behind at your station
Your mind be clogged with a million quotations
This text , it destructs thru your own hesitation
Poet laureate you are not in my estimation.
Written by Philip. 1st November 2018.
A poem in free verse

Mummy mummy mummy. !
Mummy Mummy MUMMY.!!
Look what I have done.
Rhyming moon with June.
Gived me sooo much fun.
I done it on myself.
So does it make me one?
Yes my dear sweet poet
From all that mummy taught you.
Hurry grow up fast
And make yourself a blooming
Written by Philip. 2/11/2018
(Wishful thinking)
Childhood ambition
Title.        Never take for granted
the greatest power, the power to choose.
                ( An Acrostic ) of 50 lines.
Never take for granted the greatest power.
             The power to choose !
Every concession,or subsidy in whatever form
       As a contribution or donation to charity
Value this as a highest prize , volition is the          
   Sacred power to choose ,use that power well
Efficacy empowering the production of results
   By marching forward in a positive direction
Ranges of choices sometimes oh so wide as to
   Make a decision very difficult indeed.

Two equally ,typically undesirable alternatives
     We get to know typically as a dilemma
An act of choosing to take up one option as
     Opposed to another to maintain momentum
Knowing that there’s no apparent option rather
   than the real , you have “Hobson’s choice”
Embarras de richesses you become spoilt for
     Choice, is the other side of the coin.

From the comparison betwixt the humble poet
      And the power hungry “Megalomaniac,
Optimising in an act of choosing between the
  two, voluntary ,of one’s own free will Choose
Rights to act or judge by your power of choice
   you may call this discretion,one or t’other

God grants such power as yet unmaterialised
    and unrealised which he labels potential.
Relinquish that potential at your peril
   you may never live to see that choice again
An area of power and influence you may get
    to understand as your domain but reflect
Never take for granted the greatest power,
   the power to choose.
Twitter and chat with all and sundry
    relatives you’re born to, friends you choose
Even if you use your power of wit n influence
   and see it as weight n clout you throw about
Delegate or depute and assign somebody to
    make your choices for you. No don’t quit !

The A to Z of choices takes no time to ponder
    If you take for granted the power to choose
Hub of influence power centre ganglion from
    which nerve fibres radiate to every solution
Even by commencing from “A”. Aha . Eureka!
   you have chosen first time lucky .But wait. !

Great though he may appear as the “Boy”
  of your dreams, will he stand the test of time?
Retiring back into your shell ,your”Colleagues“
  At work never choose to know the real you.
Every “Demi-God “or “Elder”that you meet ,
  give respect to ,spoil it all by choosing not to.
An “F” word muttered under your breath .
    A “Gender” question,which choice of path?
To “Hero-worship” then a real life commitment
      “Interpreters “ of choices thru a Drago Man
Established in the art of choice as lead by
  “Jesus” Christ “Knowledge “that it will not fail

Superimposed, will “Liquidise “and blend
    all the choices that are available “Mmmmm”
To the most “Natural “smoothie that you have
   ever chosen to drink. “Ohhhh” yes. !  

Pause and “ Pause” again ,do we really under
    stand the power of choice. Procrastinate  !
Oh put off until tomorrow, “Quit” whilst ahead
      “Realise” your winnings in the now.
Weather you “Seek” perfection ,or an easy
    way out . “ Take” heart it is your choice
Ethereal choice becomes the mother of
    invention, when and where necessities dwell
React with an un-earthly prowess and ability
   to establish what was to be the right choice.

The “ Virtual “ choice that you could have
   made under the circumstances, bono-fide.
Having and knowing you have the power
    Of choice, it leaves it in your hands.
Even if you get the choice “Wrong” this time
    it is your mistake , no one else’s

Pretty soon you will know the error and mark
  It with an “X” n strive to get it right next time
Only “You “ have this individual power
   To make up your own mind .You do, don’t you
We can all be as”Zealous “and pedantic as
   You like in life but choices win through .
Even if you can’t be bothered to take the
   Choice to read this poem, on and on and on.
Reacting in a moment of impatience.
  “ what am I doing wasting time reading this?”

To have a power of choice is a valuable power
    not granted to all people of the world.
Oh stay with me ! Tell me that you understand
    the meaning of this poem. Do I make it clear

Can you choose? Do you choose? Are you
   exercising a sacred power that you’re given?
Holy power, not given to timid mice sitting
  on the fence waiting for the right choice
Oh no ! Never take for granted the greatest
    power, the power to choose.
Onlookers and bystanders are you learning
   from any of the simple examples I have set?
See unless you see and understand the good
   and bad choices made by man thru ages .
Earth and the Universe would have failed
  In its quest to provide a Heaven that we seek
Written by Philip. 30/10/2018.
This is not your average Acrostic. I have incorporated an A to Z. Abcerian within its length which requires extra effort and stayed within a first person monologue. I hope the reader liked this effort. It took a week to write.
Nonesuch is the beauty of my love . Ref 025
A poem written By Philip.
10th October 2018.
Nonesuch is the beauty of my love.
On a scale of one to ten. I say a ten.
Nonesuch is the depth of my love.
Everlasting and eternal friend of mine
Such it was in life , now it is in death.
Universally when a man loves a woman
Critically it’s understood, she can do no wrong.
Having a nonesuch depth of love she was true

It is no secret , what our Universal God can do.
So what he’s done for others he’ll do for you.

Though one gets tired of worn out phrases
Happiness between two lovers ? Essential.
Essential that’s what makes our love nonesuch

Because our love was without any equal.
Essential that’s what made our love nonesuch.
And for six years we made vows to love eternal
Understanding our tenure was time sensitive
Touring the world knowing our time was limited
You never put off until tomorrow.Do it today.

Oh many young lovers don’t appreciate time.
For procrastination is ever the thief of time

My love for Barbara ,well there was None such
Years of unconditional love graced a later life

Later life when we’d served for seventy winters
Ongoing life ,following dramas , following life.
Very happy was our constant daily relationship
Earth Angel listen to my constant prayers to thee.
In remembrance of my Darling Barbara.
Written by Philip. October 10th 2018.
Written during the first 30 days of mourning.
No obligations
No obligations
Oh I expect that you’ve heard it all before ?

Only this time I mean it and that’s for sure
Because my love is so very unconditional
Love sneaks up on you. Whereas mine won’t.
It is heralded by trumpets and a symphony
Grand poetry recitals in your sacred honour
And gifts of inspirational fruity lollipops
Tutorials in the art of writing ancient forms
In a classic style or any style you wish for.
Only you just need faith. Yes faith in God.
Now make a special note of me. And follow
See I am the 1000thman  Kipling created.
Written by Philip.
November 7th 2018.
No obligations only Unconditional love
Now I am blessed by the fellowship of man.
Poem # 031.
Philip : 20/10/20

Now I am blessed by the fellowship of man.
Of the pure unadulterated unconditional love
We men and women that inhabit the earth

In the constant search for a secure foothold

And wishing to be all things to all men around
Men and Women and genders betwixt the two

Being now away that we have a brotherhood
Loved by a community of lifelong friends
Earth Angels and guides which hold the skills
Skills which are perfected and so peculiar
Standing alone in their particular peculiarities
Excellent and everlasting good friends of mine
Diligently looking after their own fellowship.

Boys and girls coming out to play in the world
Young and old rich and poor sick and healthy

Together in a loving unconditional relationship
Having no blood ties save for holding the spirit
Especially the wondrous God spirit of passion

From whatever theological following you hold.
Every good turn you do unto others is returned
Loving your neighbor as thyself is a starter.
Loving your father and mother well deserved
Or your brother or sister , cousin or kin.
With blood relatives it’s seen as a given.
So be it for the population of the World.
Having established that relationship you’re OK
In that there is nobody to hate anymore
People outside the fellowship may gossip

Or continually sandbagged a reputation
From now on let us develop this “Fellowship “

Making time to consider the other fellow.
Accounting for a balanced life of compassion
Now I am blessed by the fellowship of man.

The fellowship of man is the most important agenda they we should be following.  Start with unconditional love and go from there.
On the third day. Ref 017
On the third day.
Now as I roll away the stone

The thoughts and actions gathered
Heartfelt intentions placed in memory banks
Establishment of our communication method

The road ahead of course is uncertain
Having Barbara with me ,an essential
In sickness and in health , for better or worse
Reacting to each problem with a solution
Devoting myself to our spiritual togetherness

Daily as I roll away the stone .To clear a path
Act and react without a seconds thought
You have made my mind up . My woman brave
This poem is written at the death bed of my dear wife Barbara who was held on a life support in Hospital while her children and grandchildren gathered at the bedside. On the third day She ascended into heaven and was relieved from all pain. This is one of my 30 days of mourning. The first month of a lifelong mourning
On the trial of writing a sonnet.
On the trial of writing a sonnet
Now as you all know.

The sonnet was pop  in the reign of Elizabeth 1
Hit sonnets topped the billboard charts 1590
Edmund Spenser penned some of the best

Those sonnets written in tribute to the Queen
Royalty in those days had their favourite Poets
I will try to explain the principal of the sonnet
Are you all listening? Well I will demonstrate
Little Story. Is the translation of The Sonnet.

Or it can be described as any short lyric Poem
For it is composed of 8 and 6 line stanzas

With stanza 1 (the octave) presents a situation
Run the stanza 2 ( the sestet) to show resolve
Iambic pentameter is the meter traditional
The rhyming pattern is octave a,b.a,b,b,c,b,c
I set the sestet pattern as c,c,d,c,d,e,e.
Now I suggest you first check our Spenser
Get reading his style Google it and read.

And get used to the rhythm and the rhyme

Spenser sent this tribute as I say to the Queen
Only in those days she had little to read
No nothing only in Latin and written by Monks.
Now he wrote a hundred sonnets as a story.
Edmund Spenser’s epic The Fairie Queen
To me the greatest poem ever written.
Written by Philip.
November 9th 2018.
On the trial of writing a sonnet
Poem ~ Our garden where we would sit n laze .
Ref 023

Our garden where we would sit and laze.
Under the canopy of beautiful tree palms
Rippling waters trickling by whilst we dream

Gardens of tropical plants tended n charmed
And dollars well spent on this tropical scene
Reflections mirrored up to the sky becalmed
Did this paradise figure in our wildest dreams?
Even as loving kindred spirits were we charged
No never though our lives of years we teamed

Without a doubt we teamed to live as one.
Hoping for a life force ,greater than it seemed
Expecting that with luck our life had just begun
Real life Angel ,she was, all I would ever dream
Established early on,we would have such fun.

With plans to live forever, I fear, I was so wrong
Even the best laid plans of mice and men .

Will never stand up to be predictable
Our garden where we would sit n laze
Under the canopy of beautiful palm trees
Lagoons where we watched our charges play
Digging in the sand and giving Nana joy.

Silent now as I sit with you reflecting
I sit in pain knowing that my Darlings gone
Triggering another tear to salt my eyes

No doubt folk kindly say “just love yourself “

Love myself ? Well OK , but my darling’s gone
And in Our garden where we would sit n laze
Z zzzz Barbara oh please let me dream of you
Eternally ,sweetheart in my heart to carry you

Written by Philip.
Sunday 7th October 2018.
A memory of my Darling Wife who passed away in September
A poetic idea. ~
There’s so much more to life than *** n money
Our own light. (An Acrostic Poem ) 28/10/18
Our own light
Usually *** and money hold the key.
Reach now inside yourselves ,find your light.

Our own light ,yes our own light. It’s awesome.
With casting off our deepest fears we focus
Now we can be powerful beyond all measure.

Light and our illumination banishes darkness
I’ve been told that frequently folks are fearful
God tells us we are never ,ever , inadequate
Having been preached to for a lifetime
The truth now comes to me from “Experience”
Written by Philip. 28/10/18.
Our ability to produce our own uplifting text.
Food and drink to a humble poet.
Paperback writer.
Paperback writer.
Are you truely proud of all that prose ?
Perhaps you only produced it for the money
Exactly it was just to pay for the kids school
Reactivating the demands of publishers
Because they thought you’d something to say
And since then you have really struggled
Can that inspiration perpetuate day on day ?
Know now the block that many writers face.

Writing’s on’t wall my friend I’m bound to say
Read other writers work. Admits it is amazing
I read your latest book , it was ******* anyway.
Though you would utter “I am just a poet”
Even poets can hold a biased view today.
Rich rewards not guaranteed to be the way.
Written by Philip
November 6th 2018.
Paperback writers block. Publishers
Remember you are special
Especially to all other poets
Metaphysical or in the real word
Especially to all dead Poet society’s
Metaphysical or way out in the Cosmos
Beyond the far distant blue blue horizon
Especially to all employed Librarians
Remember you are special

You are special to your lover of course
Only he or she appreciates your true love
Understanding the way to a lovers heart.

Art for art’s sake , but poetry for the sake of love
Real love screams off the page without a pause
Especially if you both sing from the same page

Singing together and dancing together endlessly
Poetry is so essential to know the other by heart
Each kiss will remind you. That you are special.
Complete this act of love without inhibitions
I know that it worked for me through life
And now that my Darling has gone forever
Love that we had will stay with me for eternity

An Acrostic tribute to my special one.
Remember you are special. Ref 011
Remember you are special
Even though you're feeling blue
Most generous of fair ladies
Extra special in this wide world
My goodness I know your special
Beautiful and my woman brave .
Every day you generate perfection
Reacting to the trials of the day

You hold a constant disposition
Opposing vague and selfish folk
Un-masking any smart pretenders

And we all know who they are.
Remember you are very special
Earth angels have taught you well

Some say you reached perfection
Perfection ? Yes many years ago.
Even long before wise Solomons
Could their laws at first proclaim
I know you were a special case
As my woman your the one I know
Lead me we'a smile upon your face .
Philip written 18/09/2018
RIP dearest Barbara.
Remember you are special
Respect for the other poets point of view
Respect for the other poets point of view.
Especially if we talk of poetic justice
Some say you get out of life what you put in
Poetry critique is most important it takes time
Every poem read can be acknowledged with a
Click to the heart or thumbs up icon box.
Though I prefer to give an in-depth comment

For me it pays the fees for my poetic license
Oh I know the other way is quick n sterile
Respect for the other poets point of view.

The work expands to fit the time availability
Hair should be kept on if responding critique
Especially if to you it is rude or offensive

Only sometimes comments  r lost in translation
The meaning very different in other ethnicity’s
Hey poets , soften up and use your skills
Establish a system of in depth kind critique
Respect for the other poets point of view.

Poets are human, they have a heart you know
Only oft it’s forgotten behind a non-de-plume
Every poem read is subconsciously brain fed
To the deepest channels of your mind.
Sometimes....Eureka.... it triggers a process.

Processing beautiful poetic verse of others
Oh you do get out of life whatever you put in
I have experience and I know this to be true.
Now my poet friends please mark my words
To have respect for other poets points of view

On a scale of one to ten. Let’s say a ten.
For if you make the time , whatever you have.

Very soon you will become a blooming genius
I know that is the ambition of every poet.
Ethereal guides and Angels follow your efforts
With that in mind, go and be inspired today.
Written by Philip.
November 9th 2018.
Respect for the other poets point of view
So you love bananas ?
So you love bananas ?
Or is it just the colour ?

Yellow I think you would say.
Only if you leave them too long
Usually they will turn brown.

Loving the shape is such fun
One can laugh at the smiley face
Very nice smoothies to taste
Every bananas a hero to breakfast

Backed up with wheatbix n milk
And cut up with bowls of porridge
Nana loves to eat it with Phil.
As you Child so love bananas
Next time that you join us for tea
And let us all praise all bananas
So good for both you and for me. !  
A poem Phil wrote for Barbara’s grandson.
At Lions gate 8/8/17.
Written for one of Barbara’s grandsons
The forgotten prisoner.
Trapped for years on end.
Confounding rhyme.
Prisoners of a scan,
That won’t come right.
It’s haunted me for too long
Now it’s time.
To admit to a defeat,
May seem a crime .
While wrong,
Perhaps ?
I’ll get it right next time.
Written by Philip.
The forgotten prisoner
The long and winding road.
Highways that never end
Especially when they have repairs

Long mile after mile after mile
On valleys without a sun’s blessing
Nor a single tree or prairie grass in sight
Gas and diesel stations few n far between

Anxiousness building from a lack of fuel.
No wonder it feels like a long and winding road
Do you think she will be there when you arrive?

When you received that frantic text message
In the middle of the night. Help me. Super-poet
Now that I know that I can trust you HELP !!  
Don’t you always find that ? When your busy
In the middle of the night , dreaming dreams
Never hearing from your lil princess in weeks
Goodness knows what she has been up to ?

Road trips never were my favourite pastime
On a long and winding road into the desert
And I understand that you now need rescuing
Daddy hears you Baby. I’m on my way.

Written by Philip
November 8th 2018
Episode (1)
Long and winding road. Dreams. Desert. Fathers.Daughters. Rescue.
The long and winding road.   (2)
The long and winding road.
Hopefully that leads to my Baby’s door
Evokes fear n dread ‘cause I ain’t been afore

Long and winding roads not my specialty
Only my princess is in big trouble I guess.
Never calls for help, this time it’s serious
God knows what she has been up to ?

And she seldom takes advice. Not from Me.
Nor from her poor mother, they didn’t get on.
Doors used to slam if this girl lost control.

Winding road driving is t’  last thing I wanna do
I still have not recovered my senses yet.
Not since God took my wife off to Heaven
Do you know how that makes one feel ?
I am washed up stranded missing everything
Nothing really matters except everything.
Grief is something that there are no lessons for

Really all you can do is make the best of things
On this long and winding road thru the desert
A mission to rescue my dearest daughter.
Daddy hears you Baby. I’m on my way. !!!  

Written by Philip
November 8th 2018.
Episode (2).
Family ties. Winding roads. Rescue Princess
The long and winding road.   (3)
The long and winding road.
Hostels are few and far between out here
Except for those beat up Winnerbagos.

Like as not those are all crack cook shops
Oh yes I can see the steam from their chimney
Narcotisation of a whole generation my my.
Gods grace always kept me clear of all that.

And a good thing too. This Life is hard ‘nough
Now I really must find a place to sleep.
Dusk is falling and I have a modern map

We just need a couple o’clicks to get to a place
I can see it in the distance neon lights flashing
Now I needed a little luck and this I guess it is.
Diesel and leaded gas. Three $ a litre. Oh God
I have never had to pay that much ever before
No  well. Beggars can’t be choosers can they?
Goodness not on this long and winding road

Ribs gravy , maple syrup , and fresh pancakes
Only room available is an extortionate $200
Anyway. I must rest still five hundred miles ...
Daddy hears you Baby. I’m still on my way. !!!  

Written by Philip
November 8th 2018.
Episode (3)
Acrostic road trip to recur daughter
The long and winding road.   (4)
The long and winding road.
Have you any idea what it’s like driving here
Especially in the desert hundreds of miles

Long distances never agreed with me,driving
Or did I want to take this trip in the first place?
Not ‘til my Daughter called me three days ago
God knows who she got ******* with this time

After all we did for her ..  sent her to boarding
Nine years old. Yes I guess that was so young
Didn’t see her much for the next seven years

When she left home at sixteen. Now she’s 20
I  never heard from her till now...? Oh dear.
No doubt she won’t recognise me I’m aged.
Divorced her mother three years last week
I sit at home all day writing poetry. It’s a drug
No I can’t stop writing n posting and critiquing
Got divorced ‘cause  of that. She hates poems

Rhyming was also a problem , I talk in rhyme.
On Sunday I talk in Biblical phrases. Don’t ask.
A man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. !!  
Daddy hears you Baby. I’m still on my way. !!!  

Written by Philip
November 9th  2018.
Episode (4)
The slow madness caused by driving in the hot sun
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