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Nov 2018
Tudor Royals.   (An Acrostic)
Tough times the Tudor King endures
Undecided on his bold armorers
Due to hots for miss Anne Boleyn
Ordered aside the maid of Aragon
Removed poor Anne’s head for Darling Jane

Rare son to Jane but childbirth was a pain
On death we see the shrewdest Ann o Cleaves
You know they didn’t get on or consummate
A fifth in Katherine Howard a **** for sure.
Lost her head , took Kath Parr to bed
Six was five too many for a King named Henry
Written by Philip.
November 10th 2018.
The six wives of Henry VIII .. Katherine of Aragon.
Anne Boleyn ,Jane Seymour, Anne of Cleaves,
Katherine Howard and Katherine Parr.
Philip Winchester
Written by
Philip Winchester
     ---, --- and Crow
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