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 Aug 2021 Luna
Herena Rosas
Where the heart is; sometimes a familiar place
Most of the time has heartbeat and a pair of eyes
A room filled with ray of hope; your favorite space
Arms that wrap your flaws while you cry

Hands that touches your soul and make you whole
Walls that protect you and make you feel safe
A fire lit that keeps you warm when you lose control
Thine soul who embrace and accept your imperfect shape

Solid foundation that carry your weight of regrets and mistakes
An open door where you find the sense of belonging
Dim light that brings comfort and stop your aches
A warm breathe you will always look forward in the morning

Wherever that person go; it felt like coming home to a being
Home isn't a place; it's a feeling
 Aug 2021 Luna
Sherry Lore
You can't go back to the beginning
You can't start from the end
At no point are you the same person
You can't go home again

In every heart there's an aching
A desire to remain
But with every moment there's a changing
It will never be the same

When you leave, memories go with you
But your love may stay with them
Like a phoenix, rise from the ashes
Take flight and build again
 Nov 2019 Luna
everlasting cherry
"Love is the only poetry there is. All other poetry is just a reflection of it. The poetry may be in sound, the poetry may be in stone, the poetry may be in the architecture, but basically these are all reflections of love caught in different mediums. But the soul of poetry is love, and those who live love are the real poets. They may never write poems, they may never compose any music - they may never do anything that people ordinarily think of as art - but those who live love, love utterly, totally, are the real poets. Religion is true if it creates the poet in you. If it kills the poet and creates the so-called saint, it is not religion. It is pathology, a kind of neurosis garbed in religious terms. Real religion always releases poetry in you, and love and art and creativity; it makes you more sensitive. You throb more, your heart has a new beat to it. Your life is no longer a boring, stale phenomenon. It is constantly a surprise, and each moment opens new mysteries. Life is an inexhaustible treasure, but only the heart of the poet can know it. I don't believe in philosophy, I don't believe in theology, but I believe in poetry."

— Osho, *Everyday Osho: 365 Daily Meditations for the Here and Now
 Nov 2019 Luna
 Nov 2019 Luna
I am the entourage
Of a fantastic mirage

I am the agent
Of my mind's figment

I am a believer
Of mythical creatures

I am a builder
Of splendid architecture

I am a drunkard
Tripping on futures so absurd

I plan construction
Of my own destruction

I am the feeder
To dreams of grandeur

I am a magician
Of wild, potent concoctions

I am a tycoon
Of emotional typhoons

I am an adept
Skilled in exploiting concepts

I am a parasite
Brandishing fangs that bite

I play host
To a monstrous, hideous ghost

I am an addict
Of thoughts derelict

I am the dreamer
Incapable of anything lesser

I am a diver
Sinking deeper and deeper

I am an insatiable thief
Claiming trophies without grief

I am an emotional hermit
Hoarding my all in a bottomless pit

I am a weaver
Fabricating tales that meander

I am a Neanderthal
Adopting behaviours and habits that appall

I am an ape
Mending wounds that gape

I am but me
I'm blind, fighting to see

I am rhymesmith
I lie through my teeth
Getting hard to breathe
Heart to words, I seethe...
 Sep 2019 Luna
Lost Soul
 Sep 2019 Luna
Lost Soul
cold,dark ,alone
crying , my sobs echo
shouldnt have looked at old messages
on my phone
tears stream my face
my past haunts me
suicidal thoughts try to tempt me
i dread waking up
i hate myself
i grieve the loss
that i was never the boss..
of my life
 Sep 2019 Luna
panic attack
 Sep 2019 Luna
perhaps being told
“you are not alone,” is the
scariest of all
 Sep 2019 Luna
my hands keep shaking
forgetting to breathe
the heart attack feeling is back
my lungs are filled with cement
and my insides are spinning

they keep yelling at me
liar liar liar
please don't take this personally
i want to believe its true
but they keep yelling at me

how do you make them stop
i'm trying to turn the volume down
everything is so ******* loud
i cant hear a thing
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