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Nov 2019 · 567
angel call
Luna Nov 2019
his voice,  

the sound of a feather falling down from an angel’s wing.
Luna Oct 2019
The grief had a sweeter
taste coming from her lips.
My dear, did you not know that a prayer
sounds better from the mouth of a sinner?
Sep 2019 · 436
Luna Sep 2019
“What is so special about him?”
My heart bumped, and my lips started to shake “What is special compared with his blue canvas eyes? another word people use to define another human being, but darling, you can’t define the chaos itself, you just observe its beauty, you just let it surround you, through your bones, until you can’t move without it, until he became harmony.”
Aug 2019 · 412
Luna Aug 2019
I have watched you, darling,
From the beginning of this world until now,
I have watched you in every tragic thing.
I have found you in the paintings of great artists who suffered due to women like you,
in every harsh word a poet ever wrote, in every rime and sound.
My dear, I have found you long ago, in the redness of a sunrise, which pictured your lips flawlessly,
and in the purple of a sunset, which reminded me of your veins, of your pulse.
I have found you in the tears of a hurt woman, and every smile that came along after,
your versatility is inspiring me,
I have found you in playfulness, purity juggling through your cheeks, letting others wonder how you manage to glisten after you have traveled the whole world without even knowing it.
You have traveled my darling, through every artist’s mind, every lyric and every poetry, through wars and peace, you are a muse.
The angels are frightened and God itself is praying.
Aug 2019 · 527
Luna Aug 2019
Her being was created from the wildest of the flowers.
Don’t try to put them in a vase and wait for her to die.
Aug 2019 · 316
Future letter
Luna Aug 2019
Wildness surrounded my soul long before your touch did, so, darling, I hope you wouldn’t mind if my body  shares its fireworks with yours, notice that my heart is plumping stardust in my veins,
I hope you wouldn’t mind the way my words will try to cover you body in tenderness while you are cornered by pain.
I hope you will get lost with me, through my mind and not only, through my bones and my flesh, hope you will find an escape, a rescue in me.
Darling, I hope you will give wings to my soul and, in return, I will fill yours with the kind of chaos you need to laugh for an eternity.
I hope you will live long after my touch will fade away, into the wildness.
Jul 2019 · 1.1k
Isn’t she beautiful ?
Luna Jul 2019
Isn’t she beautiful ?
Isn’t she beautiful in the light of a sunrise, how the sun surrounds her figure, letting God know that he finally found his lost muse.
Isn’t she beautiful in the light of a sunset, watching the moon envy her, wondering how her light dies compared to  a muse’s aura.
Isn’t she beautiful ?
For making others think that her soul is flying in heaven, while her mind was captive in hell.
How her only happy moments were created while dancing in the rain, at 6 a.m in the morning, letting the clouds guessing how she’s not tamed yet.
For kissing her friends, laughing with them, isn’t her childish smile making you chuckle or the way her eyes are closing as she lets the happiness inside.
For isolating her soul whenever a new wound appears, making sure that no one is getting closer, being afraid, shaking, until she puts herself a bandage, recovering in time.
Isn’t she beautiful when hope is flowing through her veins? How her mouth starts to speak about dreams and future aspirations, I hope you observed how her fingers are shaking because of the anxiety that she lets in once with the thoughts about a honorable life.
Isn’t she beautiful for being scared of the unknown but still inviting him to the dinner, how she is playing with her fate, letting God decide whether she is flying or drowning.
Isn’t she beautiful when you’re standing in front of the ocean and the waves keep reminding you about her chaotic life?
Isn’t she beautiful for teaching you that the word “beautiful” comes from the inside and not from outside, how she is still thinking that the world will finally know the meaning of this word once with a flower and an I love you, Isn’t she beautiful for dreaming about a better world?
Isn’t she beautiful for being herself while the society tried so many times to put her down, when “you are not enough” , “ you are too much” , “you are too little” , “you need to grow up” made her laugh and cherish her diversity.
How she is trying to write hard and clear about what hurts, for others to heal.
And now..I hope you are still wondering, isn’t she beautiful?
and my answer is..
indeed, she is beautiful.
perhaps beautiful is just another adjective that can’t describe her divinity.
Jun 2019 · 637
Luna Jun 2019
whenever someone asks her “ why are your hands shaking?”, she always responds “ I’m still waiting for his hands to ease mines” , and I guess that, that is love,
knowing that only his touch could calm her agony.
Jun 2019 · 1.0k
Your name
Luna Jun 2019
I’m still learning
how to stop myself
from giving your name
to the stars.
May 2019 · 20.2k
Luna May 2019
How to become a poet:
Let someone rip your soul apart.
And in the need of mending ,
You will replace it with words.
May 2019 · 285
Luna May 2019
Yes, it still haunts me, your absence,
but, today, when I looked at the sky, at the forest, I no longer needed your arms around me, cause the world itself surrounded me.
The wind in my hair and the sun reflected on my face made me realize how much I’ve been missing the warmth.
My eyes started glowing after the tears washed them so many times, and my lips started to dance on my face.
My coffee tastes the same, coconut fragrance in the air, hot and sweet as you knew it. The only thing that is missing is your lips around my coffee cups.
My morning routine is still the same, with or without your texts.
I no longer look at the night sky, trying to find constellations, and name them after you.I’m looking at the stars to remind myself how beautiful this world could be, even when the dark master it.
My life is the same chaotic disaster and I’m still learning how to control everything that hides in my soul, I’m still learning to embrace my demons.
But, the most important thing is that my heart is mending by herself.
She’s no longer praying for a person that torn her, she’s praying for a someone which made her beat fast again, and when the butterflies came to inaugurate the ceremony, she felt alive again, she felt me.
My confidence came back again, as I’m walking with my friends, laughing until my belly hurts and my eyes are too busy to see if you are, or not, here.
I no longer believe in something called us,
but boy, your pathetic actions made me believe in something called me.
And yes, maybe I’m missing you,
but I’ve realized that I missed myself more.
May 2019 · 304
Luna May 2019
You had the power.
In all of this time you had the power to release me not only from the prayers that my soul received once with its funeral, but from the grief that came after the ceremony.
To see you praying for me after you threw mud on my grave is making even my guardian angel cry, cause only he understands the hurricane that surrounded me after the peace settled in.
You had the power to release me, so tell me,
was it good using my love for anything but romance?
Was it good leaving me in agony for you soul to bloom ?

And if the answer is positive, I must thank you for helping  me understand that in all of this time I could’ve release myself
from you.
May 2019 · 205
Luna May 2019
Do you remember how often I used to tell you about the holes that he left on my soul ?
Lately, I’ve felt how the golden lights passed through them,
that’s when I knew, the light comes from your eyes.
May 2019 · 194
goodbye letter
Luna May 2019
You know, there are days when you just want to lay down with that person and tell them everything, and, instead of telling you, I decided to write about you.
We have lost everything, the love, the hope, the dreams and most importantly, the future.
I’ve been trying to write for a couple of hours and I only discovered that my grief will always have a sour taste when it comes to endings.
My heart tried so many times to handle the bruises that you left on it, my soul tried to fly away so many times, but here I am, trying to understand how a person could have this kind of impact on you. How can I smile knowing that the coldest moments are waiting for me, that the sun will stop touching my soul, that the thorns made a wall which covers my entire body, and it gives me so much pain, they are scratching me, my harmony, leaving me bleeding with memories that once made me radiate.
And as soon as the bleeding will end, maybe I will realize that we have our own lives. Maybe I will realize that I will fall in love again, and I will dance away my sadness, that I will write poems about him and you will be all about her, and “us” will be just another word that you will use with her thinking about us. We will hold other hands and kiss other bodies, feel pleasure through the agony or tenderness during the suffering process.
I will always wonder where I went wrong and I will always blame my chaos because of your calm. I will always remain awake thinking about this misery.
And I will always have people surrounding me, and they are all that it matters now, knowing that you have a shelter when your world is falling apart. And I will always laugh and dance, write and cry, and I will always remember that this is life and I should take it the way it is. I will always embrace the mess that will bring me peace.
And so should you.
thank you.
May 2019 · 251
Luna May 2019
Hit me with pain so I can lay the words down to my paper.
Let me heal the rest of the world with my grief.
May 2019 · 602
you never loved me
Luna May 2019
The truth is that you never loved me enough.
   And, I never expected anything more than a compliment through out a day, never. Still, my soul will never forget the way my hands kept writing poems about your lips, about your sparkly eyes and soft skin.
But you forgot to remind me that in some days even the moon is heavy on your shoulders, you forgot to ease my pain. You forgot to remind me that I am beautiful without all of the work that I've put in doing the perfect eyeliner or the sexiest lips ever, you forgot to tell me that I am beautiful because of my acne scars and tired eyes. You forgot to remind me that I have a strong mind and a powerful voice, you were scared of all of these. You were scared of the power that exists in these veins of mine, you were scared that once I know that power you couldn't control me anymore.
You forgot to adore the tragedy beneath my eyes and romance below my chest, how my beating heart was singing lullabies and how my mind created so many elegies.
You forgot to ask me how my day went or how can my bones still endure the pain that my body kept spreading , you forgot to care enough to ask.
You forgot to remind me who I am when I couldn't. You forgot to wipe away my tears, and then you had the courage to ask how can my eyes look so tired even after I put make-up on.
The truth is that you never loved me enough, but I will keep reminding myself every day how much I love the little girl that still finds a safe place inside of me.

I will remember every day,
until I will forget
the way I've learned
in the first place.
Apr 2019 · 208
about poetry
Luna Apr 2019
God bless the words that surrounded my heart
When your weak hands couldn’t.
Luna Feb 2019
If you are going to fall in love with me, here are some things you need to know.

I cry a lot. I’m crying when I listen to sad songs, when I speak about something that once made me happy, when I watch the sunset, whenever I feel, let me be.
I speak a lot. So, the unusual part about me is that, when I’m not speaking, and just start starring, there’s a battle inside of me, understand me.
I love sweet coffee accompanied by some good cigarettes. I love the taste of wine at 2 am, or champagne in the middle of a normal day.
Don’t set me borders, cause my soul runs free by its own, and even if I give you the sensation of needing you, don’t believe it, I don’t.
Let me live fully and organic. Give me wild flowers and bitter cherries, surprise me, write me a poem and read it out loud, write me a love letter, run with me, dance with me, and the most important thing, live with me.
And after that, I can promise you that those eyes of yours will become a permanent tattoo printed on my soul.
I will learn you how to look at the sea and just smile, about the constellations and the zodiac signs.
I will teach you the art of drawing,dancing and smelling flowers, stay with me.
We will dance, take shots and laugh until the morning at some random parties.
I’m difficult. There will be days that my thoughts will destroy me, that my tears will flow like blood in the veins, that my screams will cover any trace of peace. And when those days will come, remember that I don’t need an explanation or your arms around me, I need a good laugh and a strong coffee.
I consider myself a poet. An emerging artist. And that is gonna be your end. My words may be sweet as cinnamon, cause they came from my soul, but remember that not only my soul guides me. I have a strong mind and a powerful voice.
And those, combined together, will make you live.
We will create a hurricane, a chaos, hope you are ready to exist in it.

Human, I will love you instantly, I can promise you that.

But if you decide to leave me, may your nights be peaceful and your life easy,
Cause you’ve lost a minute of love trying to find an eternity of misery.
Feb 2019 · 255
You are a woman.
Luna Feb 2019
You are a woman.
Before anything else, you are a woman.
You hold an entire tornado under that skin,
  you are a woman.

You have the power to settle two heartbeats inside of you,  
    you are a woman.

Hear the sound of the universe and don’t panic.
Embrace the divinity that flows through your veins.
And accept your tiger skin which covers your thighs.
You are a woman.

Your eyes can keep thousands of tears.
Your smile can hide millions of screams.
And your skin dissolve any trace of wound.
You are a woman.

Your tears flow like the blood in your veins,
And you set down, like the cloudy sky,
In front of a mirror and start saying,
Anything but,
‘’You are a woman.’’
Feb 2019 · 184
Luna Feb 2019
I really believe that some of us are some kind of angels.
And whenever one of our love ones are hurting,
we give them a feather from our wings.

But after so much suffering and hurting,
we remain empty, without any feathers.
That’s the moment when you need to realize that not all of your love ones are there for your fall.

That’s the moment when you need to stop letting these people take all the love out of you.
That’s the moment you need to step back and gather your forces, alone.
That’s the moment when you will realize how lonely you are.
Feb 2019 · 264
Luna Feb 2019
May the flowers from your soul
Start to spread in the moment he comes back.
May the healing time
Stop you from letting him shatter the process of blooming.
Feb 2019 · 266
Luna Feb 2019
And, suddenly, "honey" turned into "stranger" ,
smile in sighs,
love in regret,
but she remained the same.

She remained the same pure chaos,
with the same laugh and the same tears.
She remained the exactly marvelous piece of art that you once wanted to understand,
that you once wanted to recreate.
She has the same gentle touch and passionate voice.
The same bruises and the same sins,
dance moves and favorite lyrics,
same poetry,
same dreamy eyes, you can’t take that away from her.
She is perfectly incredible with or without you.

You are incredible perfect with or without the person you think it means the world to you.
You are your own world, darling.
Be passionate about that, don’t let anyone take that passion away from you.
Don’t let anyone freeze your soul.
Feb 2019 · 545
Luna Feb 2019
I didn’t expect to become a poet.
But then I fell in love with a pair of beautiful golden eyes
That ripped my soul apart,
and in the need of mending my own scars,
I finally found my relief.
The words.
Jan 2019 · 579
Luna Jan 2019
maybe one day it will be much easier than today
you and me
standing in front of eachother
in a small apartament in Paris
drinking champagne and gossiping the moon
smoking cigarettes after ***
cuddling, whispering sweet words
dancing on the street
kissing in the rain

what a fairytale.
Jan 2019 · 199
Luna Jan 2019
the way you used to wear your anger,
drink your sorrows with your bitter coffee,
smoke some cigarettes full with thoughts,
and dance the pain away,  

turned me into an abyss full of you.
Jan 2019 · 203
Luna Jan 2019
you were aware of the roots from my soul.
so, you thought that planting a rose would help my soul bloom again.
he grew up and matured me,
but now, his thorns are hurting me,
they scratch my harmony
and bring me fear.
and when I screamed for help
you disappeared and left me with the pain.
now, I am slowly learning how the world, that was my safest place, is changing into an abyss,
because of you.
Jan 2019 · 895
she is her own muse
Luna Jan 2019
she’s camouflaging the thrill that hides deep down those tired eyes,
because she doesn’t want to see the world in that way.
she doesn’t want to fear the grace
and laugh the pain.
she wants to live fully,
to drink wine in the morning and coffee in the evening,
to watch the moon fading away once with the morning sky and smile,
because she knows that everything beautiful has it consequences,
they will eventually disappear.
she wants poetry and danger,
she wants you to know that she’s not here to stay,
because she is everywhere.
she wants fantasy in a world of drama,
she wants peace and indie music that will catch her soul and learn it how to fly
she wants portraits and compliments,
cigarettes and champagne,
daisies and lilies.

she wants a naturally simple life.
Jan 2019 · 1.8k
Luna Jan 2019
“you need the rain to become a rose” they said..
but what if I don’t want to be a rose,
maybe I want to be a sunflower
that means I need the sunshine back into my life?
I guess that I need you, my lover, my forever lover,
back into my life.
cause I’ve been a rose for an eternity.
I’m tired of the rain hitting my petals.
Jan 2019 · 200
Luna Jan 2019
Breathing pain.
Exhaling poetry.
Jan 2019 · 355
Luna Jan 2019
I just founded an Instagram page in which I post my deepest thoughts and it would help me a lot if you followed it or at least checked it out.
The username is @darkmistpoetry.
Thank you a lot
Jan 2019 · 198
Luna Jan 2019
If you ever feel overwhelmed because of your power
look at the sky,
look at everything that surround it,
observe the beautiful mess that exist out there,
same as it exist in you.
Jan 2019 · 218
her pain
Luna Jan 2019
You will instantly know when she is feeling like a mess. She will put her headphones on and she will play a sad song that once made her happy.She will shut down, and just observe the world.

And when she feels like that she will write. Maybe you don’t know that about her, but  writing actually helps her soul come back on earth, where it belongs.
She feels how the sorrow settled in her soul, so, she will use the only weapon that she owns, the words, to **** the sadness that is dragging her.

She smiles a lot, but after such an episode, hopefully, you will know what is hiding underneath that laugh, behind those browny eyes, behind those wrinkles that appear once with the smile.

And your mission is to wake her up once those moments settle in. You, because, I can see clearly from what she is writing that you have the power.
She deserves, indeed, to embrace the hurricane that is hiding in every part of her body.

I’ve never seen someone more natural than her.
Jan 2019 · 163
When you will realize
Luna Jan 2019
I will be the melancholy from your lips when
you want to kiss the new me.
I will be the sorrow from your soul.
I will be the big and little dipper from your night sky, cause i know how much you enjoyed watching the stars alone.
I will be the teardrop that will fall when you will think of my smile.
I will be the one who made you feel the really paradox that hides in you.

Maybe I will be something for you.
Maybe now I’m not, but as soon as I walk out that door, I will take with me all of the softness from you.
You destroyed me and maybe,
Just maybe,
You will reborn as the beautiful mystery that I once knew.
Jan 2019 · 453
Luna Jan 2019
I guess you never cared about the rhythm between my heart and your soul, how they speak to each other every time we meet.

And that’s ok.

But now I’m not.
Jan 2019 · 186
Luna Jan 2019
Today, when I saw you,
My soul started to beat again,
And my heart strated to breath,
My nerves danced, and I, just started to radiate.

And when you said my name,
And grabbed my hand,
All of my fears sank in peace,
All of my emotions bloomed.

I think I will love you forever.
but you never will
Jan 2019 · 568
She is me
Luna Jan 2019
Did you know that she’s writing about you?
She writes with the ache from her soul,
about you.

Did you know that writing is the only way to bring the calmness back in her life, now that you are gone?

Did you know about the words she use to describe you? Like you were the moon and she was only a star, loving your light from thousands of years away,  adoring you in secret.

Did you know that she’s receiving praise for
what she writes? You’ve drowned her so bad that now she writes with pain, not only for her soul to be healed, but also for people’s pain to heal.

Did you know that she can’t sleep because the words shuddered in her head, her thoughts, back to the veins and right through the heart?

Did you miss her? Her laugh, or her serenity, her kindness?

Did you miss the hurricane from her thoughts, cause I see you now, with another one.
But tell me, did anybody ever wrote with so much passion about your eyes, how they shine so bright, how the brown turns into yellow once the sun is reflecting in them, about your voice singing ‘I love you’ like no other before, about your arms, your hugs, how they protected her from the bad angels that she was so afraid of , about your large smile, your small nose, your lovely figure, your angel figure.

Did you know that when I write ‘she’ it’s actually me?
piece from my soul
Jan 2019 · 260
your voice
Luna Jan 2019
When you called me, tonight,
I think I didn’t hear your own voice, the soft one, filled with ache, no.
I've heard your heart, ‘she’ called my soul.

And, when ‘she’ started to talk,
The hum from my soul, it came back.
’She’ laughed with me.
’She’ saved me, one more time.
Oh, but when our call ended,
the hum from my soul moved to the stomach,

the pain came back.
thank you for the call, i needed it to write.
Dec 2018 · 887
good in evil
Luna Dec 2018
the wounds from her soul were the ones which healed her mind.
Dec 2018 · 837
your power
Luna Dec 2018
Maybe that’s why I loved you.
Because you whispered in my soul,
While others screamed in my mind.
Save me.
Dec 2018 · 619
thank you
Luna Dec 2018
Every night I start to write,
To simply fill these rows with words
That I want to tell you.

The only thing I desperately want you to know is that your touch is calming the chaos from my veins.

That your touch calm the thunders from my thoughts and the hurricane from my body.

That your touch could warm my entire  body on a December day.

That your touch is all that I need to survive.

That your touch makes me understand that I’ve got to let go.
Cause I don’t know how to touch you,
And I don’t know how to adore you,
I don’t know how to be with you, without hurting both of us,
Without hurting your touch.

I just want you to know that someday I would want  to feel your fingers on my lips, on my hips, or simply on my skin.
I just want you to know how much I love you, enough to let you, and your touch, go.
Another poem about him.
Thank you for your touch.
Dec 2018 · 159
love story
Luna Dec 2018
And maybe you were right.
The chaos between us wasn’t enough to calm an ocean,
but how can you explain
the peace, that peace
you felt when I’ve tried to swim in your waters?
Perhaps I just wanted to stop the waves from your thoughts,
to stop you from drowning in your own calm.
because, for a short time, you helped me swim in my own waters without drowning, thank you.
Nov 2018 · 210
looking into the ocean
Luna Nov 2018
And as i sat and looked into the chaos, i found my peace.
Oct 2018 · 806
toxic relationship
Luna Oct 2018
Tell me..

what kind of love tears you to the bone,
what kind of love drowns your beautiful eyes everyday,
what kind of love takes the air out of your lungs and makes you tremble,
what kind of love fills your mind with wars and your soul with bitterness,
what kind of love takes everything good and replace it with questions which makes you even more insecure..

Tell me why you’re enduring all of this?

Darling, this is toxic.
You know that, deep down you know that this isn't worth it, but your heart still has hope. Your soul still desires the love you felt in the beginning.

Breath in and out, gather all your forces and leave all of that behind.

It will hurt, so much, I know, but good comes after evil, and so, your happiness and peace will come after all of these insecurities, all of this pain, all of these scars.

Be strong !
Oct 2018 · 226
Luna Oct 2018
He was so happy.
I smiled.I thought I was the reason,
then he started to tell me about her.
Oct 2018 · 15.6k
a message to women
Luna Oct 2018
This is for you:

-the girl who is so ashamed because of her acne,
-the girl who cries in front of her mirror because she doesn’t
look like Picasso’s muse,
-the girl who forgot how to smile because of her problems,
-the girl who cries her eyes out every night because of him,
-the girl who is so terrified to attach because of her past relationship,
-the girl who is different from the others,
-the girl who wants to save every soul she meets, except hers,
-the girl whose heart, blood and soul runs wild,

-you are so much more than the sprinkles from your skin.
-you're not Picasso’s muse, but you definitely are God’s muse.
-don’t waste your life being so stressed, just enjoy the journey.
-you need to be strong.Cry your heart out, but stop,your tears are too worthy , make them rare, for the real ones.
-try to love yourself first, then someone else.
-your future is not defined by your past.
-you need to save yourself first.
-run with them, darling, and never look back.

This is for you, girls.
You, no matter what, are good enough.
You are lovable.
You are strong.
You are independent.
You are different.
You are rare.
You are you, and that is your power, learn how to use it.
love yourself, girl
Luna Oct 2018
We smoked a cigarette together,
Your eyes were so sad
So lost.
And so, I’d asked you why.
You didn’t give me an answer, but I knew.
The love you feel for her made you this way.

My love,
this isn’t love, not even close enough.
I have seen those eyes before, last week, last month..
Those eyes are hers now, your sadness, your weakness, all of that belongs to her.

You deserve so much more.
You deserve a girl who makes you smile
You deserve a girl who would do anything in this world for those eyes to sparkle, to radiate,
You deserve freedom, love.
You deserve peace.

So listen, love
These words are for you,
You are so much more than this
You are strong
And beautiful.
You are my first poem that I ever write.

Love yourself like I love you.
Free yourself, like I free you now.
Because, love
I’m that girl that stole your eyes, your happiness, your hope,
In love..
Hey guys, this is my first poem, hope you'll appreciate it, it' s a part of my heart.

— The End —