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i’m glad someone is effing me this hard. tattooing finger trails along the spine of the universe.

just break me.
i don’t pretend to know.
i just puppet words and try to say
the stupid unsayable.

which is all so, sooooo....


you know.
it is.
staring down stars
seeking signs inside the fire
I can't tell the color of my own eyes

just the bright whites
staring back into mine
flitting above the smile
that I struggle to give

where, who, what, when


the Q’s transfuse into
plasmatic stew on spun plate


seriously, the W’s
bend me over without even
a hello
with a mental drip
slick down my cerebellum
and sticky on the stem

I can’t remember
what this poem’s supposed to be

but it’s not important
and neither are we, just —

coagulate stardust frolicking
stitched in the mystery

(on repeat)
I am not surprised

I expect people to be
who. they. are.

or, at least
have been, mostly

but, I will remember you
and how good that halo looked

upon your unfurrowed
however fleeting
this symposium of somersaults
synaptic rafter vaulting

if only i could swap
mind & body levels

ascendant acrobat
with still insides
I’m hungry
and want to bite things
set reminders for when I slip
down the steep and forget:

it’s all wretched and beautiful
as is plummeting onto
blue-black knees

it means I’m here—
in the land of breath
and flux leaves
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