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59/M    The beauty that befell my eyes the very day we met, is more than I could ever hope to see And now as time has ...
20/F    ugh
I ponder.. with wonder ... I think . Where would we be without forgiveness?
60/M/Traverse City Mi.    Description are but endeavours of one’s ego to shine forth a grand illusion! We are but faces of god in a state of confusion!
17/F/England east London    Poetry is keeping me alive and I'm here to inspire others. Determined to make a change in this brutal world. All words are my own. ...
Saïda Boūzazy
27/F    Writing enables me to pour my feelings outside. It is the best way for me to feel better, and to pour my pain in a ...
The Sick Red Carnation
27/F/Iran    Maybe it's bad that My mother's pussy Gave birth to the sick mind 💮🌿 My Insta : @yasaman.johari💮 2 December 1996
Pagan Paul
Bristol, England    I am Unique + I am a Capricorn = I am a Unicorn. . .© Pagan Paul 2016 - 2023 . .
Bijan Rabiee
M/Iran    i have been writing poetry for some time now though it has not been a steady effort. i do it because it takes my thoughts ...
"Audiences are harder to please if you're just giving them special effects, but they're easy to please if it's a good story." - Steven Spielberg. ...
John Destalo
55/M/Harrisburg, PA    I am human. I consider myself an expressionist. I explore through my words what it is to be human. I try to create depth through ...
F/The Milky Way    First Coffee
23/M/My room    I just hope people enjoy.
17/My room   
50/M/Timeless Ocean    My words are borne on wings akin in spirit to Oscar Wilde’s swallow. My words cry in melodies akin in scale to Oscar Wilde’s nightingale. ...
17/Transmasculine/MI    My "poems" are long. I take a stream of consciousness approach. Be warned
F    "Poetry is an echo, asking a shadow to dance" - Carl Sandburg
M/Nashville    Read Feel Write Fill Pour -Esprit De Corps
USA    occasional thoughts.
Star BG
66/F/New York    I am a writer who channels many writer guides. You can see me at Rockland World Radio under archived shows called The lighthouse. Enjoy Also ...
122/Other/My Basement    I like men
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