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On the other side of the village,
there lived an old woman.

Every day,
She walked barefoot,
on a country dusty road,
passing by our neighborhood.

In the summer,
children played all day long in the dust,
curious children asked,
“Why do you walk barefoot,
when every villager wears sandals?”

She didn’t answer,
She didn’t speak.

We, waggish kids,
threw at her feet
thorny branches.

One day,
my mother
heard us giggling
in front of the gate,
as we planned an attempt
of hiding some stones in the dust,
and cover it well,
make it unnoticed,
wondering if
she can hit her feet,
bleed and scream from pain,
and scorn us all ...

“ Why you do this children?

Don’t you have any respect for old people?

You better ask her,

Ask her!
Teach you those words of healing,
Only she knows in this village!”

Big curiosity,
and fearful eyes,
looked at each other.

Next day,
All children in the neighbourhood
were waiting the barefoot “witch”  

It rained for one week!
When it stopped raining,
she walked barefoot again.
She walked towards me.

Silence dropped down from the sky,
and silence raised up from the ground,
and trees stoped moving their branches,
and leafs watched her touch my forehead.
My heart stopped beating.

She touched my forehead
and after whispered to herself,

“ White little bird,
fly in the sky,
after fly back on the ground,
and touch the hard rock,
White little bird,
swim in your mother’s milk,
breathe fire in your wings,
breathe fire in your wings,
After fly again into blue sky,
and again return on the ground”
I never learned those words
she whispered to herself,
I repeat them
every day since then.
  Sep 11 Mark S
S Michaels
Words flow through my fingers
Just like the rain

Some areas in my life need more
Their leaves crumble to dust
While some areas are flooded
Washing away things I wished to keep

I apologize for my clouds
My good intentions
Can led me astray

I dream of the day
You walk through a garden
Enriched with color and life
The blues, yellows, and red scatter
But mix harmoniously
The sun warms your shoulders
While the wind brings a cool relief
The bright blue sky holds the sun proudly
The dark green grass is luscious
It feels thick and soft under your bare feet
You breathe in all the aromas
While your fingertips gently brush the soft petals
You take your time absorbing it all
Your life slows for merely a second

If only my words brought you such beauty
But I promise I'll never stop trying

One flower at a time
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