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  Mar 24 CyprianVanDyke
parasomnia, or
this is the smell of my mouth. my pillow grows a body.
gets drunk on my drool/ licks my tears/
draws on my face/ plays with my hair/
pierces my ears. good boyfriend, i tell the pillow. i wish
we shared dreams.
Do you have a secret
that’s never been told
Deeply within you
like long buried gold

Do you keep your own counsel
for no one to hear
While staying intrepid
admonishing fear

Do you treasure those moments
in spite of the time
As words born an orphan
adopted in rhyme

That one treasured secret
alive roaming free
Transcending the silence
—of what’s yet to be

(The New Room: March, 2023)
There are challenges,
but what is life
without challenges?

a lot less challenging.

no easy ride for me,
'I plough the fields and scatter'
( that is not a euphemism )

I always surface and
my nose tells me I'm no rose.
at least I'm growing and
some ask,
Take life for an escalator
Go both through its ups
and downs
Ride it like on an elevator
Expect both smiles and

Take life for a suspense
you and I unaware what
the next day will hold
Meditate and muse, or
this book of life just
Pore over it to watch
life's mysteries unfold.

Take life for the open sea
But pray drown not
yourself in it
lest you lose sight of
God's shore
and thereby lose all
spiritual wit.

Take life for a candle
let its glow illumine
others too
and in each and every of
its flicker
Try finding a hint or clue

Each soul's life unique as
mazes of one's
And usually for many
life's quite an uphill battle
At times sweet as
molasses, at times bitter
as mint
and life's roller coaster
may shake you like a rattle.

Life tis like the rise and
fall of notes
Consoling to find people
in the same boats
Ah on life you can find a
zillion quotes.

Thus ponder over your
life and reflect
how good you've been
to it
and not just how it's
been treating you
Veer around the pit, and
keep your path lit
for darkness of the soul
is for you unfit.

Take it in its stride even if it's a bittersweet life
Downhill's a joy ride, uphill has to be strife
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