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 Sep 2019 Gabriel Bonney
Flower C
Heaven rained on me,
I breathed in the petrichor,
Bathed in the downpour.
I have sinned,
So destroy me,
With your rain.
 Sep 2019 Gabriel Bonney
 Sep 2019 Gabriel Bonney
Your lies lured me in

They sounded sickly sweet

If only they were true

Maybe I would've stayed longer

Maybe I would never have walked away

Maybe we would still be together

But your lies stopped

I was no longer beautiful

I needed to lose weight

I was no longer your girl

I was your responsibility

I was no longer worthy of your love

I was only worthy of the truth

The painful painful truth

But no matter how painful it was,

I stayed

And I listened

Until one day you lied again

I finally saw through the facade of your lies

I no longer held onto the notion that I was nothing

I became myself again, well as much of myself that I could

I left you and never looked back

You called and texted, but I never answered

I finally had you out of my life

And I was going to be free

Until I wasn't

You showed up again

You sweet talked me into believing you again

This time it went too far

I believed you a little too much

So much that I'm now six feet under

In a way that's a good thing

It means that I don't have to hear your sweet lies ever again.
When at last you see the light
Reach out and touch it
You may get zapped back into the reality in which we call life
Yet here to see and live another day
you are healing every broken piece of me, one by one. you're filling up the holes in my heart. you're mending all my broken bones. you're suturing all my deep cuts. you're kissing all my scars. you're healing me. you are replacing all my heart ache with love. the battle wounds i obtained from previous relationships are almost gone now. all because of you. i've never trusted my well-being with a person like this. you are my lifeline. and if you left, i would surely die. ten billion bullets right through my chest, leaving me breathless. i trust you not to pull the trigger.
"I never thought I would ever escape
At times, I wanted to die
Feared that it all was just a little too late
For then, I wouldn't survive
I let you in and let go of the hate
My heart recovered now, I
Owe you a debt that I can never repay
I still believe 'cause you're mine"
I look up above the trees,
and it might be because I'm high,
but the stars sparkle like a million possibilities,
exploding across the sky.
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