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Aladdin  Aures H
30/M    All Rights Registered®©️/ Relationship : Single, Eyes Color : Amber, Weight : 81 KG / 178.6 IBS, Hight : 180 CM / 5'9 FT, I ...
Son of golden soil
55/M/India    All poems are my inner voice and are protected under copyright laws.
22    I write to ease my anguished heart, and put out the fire of my mind.
19/F/Part of Your World    XD
58/F/Oregon    I write to measure and organize my own thoughts, to better understand self and the human condition... and to heal.
Macho Mole
M/Canberra. Australia    I enter the cloud of unknowing. I don't know what I will write. I feel a shape fear for a moment, then I write, and ...
M/PLACELESS DESKTOP    You can listen to the audios of my poems on Youtube:
19/F/Pakistan    Lethargy Demure Potato
24/F/Scandinavia    Just a short girl - Instagram: thefullmoonflower
Thomas W Case
53/M/Iowa City    I'm a poet, living in Iowa, I have published two collections of poetry, The Bullfrog Dreams of Flying and Artichokes, Avocados, and Van Gogh. I ...
71/M/Charlotte, NC    I'm a cynical romantic at war with myself.
Mathew P Nangolo
24/M/Ondangwa/ Namibia    #instagram @mathewnangolo #rule no.1 Don't bite hand that feeds you #Writing industry is my play background #writing is my therapy #My pen speak louder ...
CA    I could be someone's true beauty if only we loved things truly.
43/F/Perth, WA    Been writing poems, trains of thought since early teens. Sometimes I cringe at my words! I absolutely love Charles Bukowski. There are poets everywhere - ...
Lance McDonald
I am a poet and a YouTuber. I read poetry and play videogames on YouTube. I love to share other people's poetry to the world. ...
Lily Barrett
F/United States    I know that everyone, even the happiest of us, feels down sometimes. I hope that my poetry helps. Even if just for a minute. Trust ...
Vanessa Gatley
22/F    share some of my work, if you like FOLLOW BACK love ya keep writing rock on Message lot of people who have seen my work ...
Black Rose
17/F/Belgium    I hope you like my poems So give me a chance I'm still a loser when it comes to write poems (in English)
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