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Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
This world delights you,
but you may not love him.
For when he leave
the truth cling to you.

And lead you
to do things
and thunder from
the ******'s womb
might not linger
so that he stays.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Body and flesh with the age of seventeen,
without being loud or angry.
Never been,
the warm yellow light.

Spiraling out of control.
Calmness collapses.
Burning a hole,
in what is assumed to be poured.

Deep pigment,
showering over loved once.  
Yet no commitment.
Daffodils growing in the garden.

Dripping from the ankle,
deep red,
ropes to get strangled.
Melting and mixing orange.

They may not know how i’m feeling,
but if they stop reality,
they see me hanging from the sealing.
“How young was she?”
Shadow Dragon May 2018
Wheels rolling,
so controlling.

Rain hitting
feeling so fitting.

Parked feelings,
thinking of all our dealings.

Front seat flirt,
vulnerable and hurt.

Yet there is hope,
convincingly tying a rope.

Hanged by fear,
killed by my dear.

You & me
tuning into
Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
Diamond shaped hearts
cracking into two
forming elegant earings
for you to wear
once the reaper comes
and invites you down.
Just like beauty hurts,
so does love.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
This is for you,
just out of the blue.
The moon dust,
will spark a star lust.

You will be,
everything below the sea.
My sunflower,
giving me radiant power.

In your eyes,
I see the lows and highs.
The red glow,
I see it grow.

You will be my one and only,
breathing air that's holy.
One, two, three,
flying free.

White diamonds,
and roaring lions.
Just you and me,
a budding branch on a tree.
Shadow Dragon May 2019
You really know your addicted
when you feel like
addictive you can think of
the sober one of you.
And one has become two personalities
"Baby don't smoke today<3"
Shadow Dragon May 2018
Purple and pink
glooms of hope
spark in what
I like to call life.
But my sweet darling
this is no life to live.
Full of regrets
that sail across
the passive mind.
Only to relive
what once wasn't
yellow and orange
juicy drinks
at the beach
with stars above.
The colorful hope
serves limited time
but at last it gives
an after glow.
Shadow Dragon Feb 2019
We are told to be different.
While we despise different.
This is what I call hypocritical.

Different has big round curves
or slim bone waists.
Different has curly black beautiful hair
or nice strawberry red locks.
Different is expressing everything
or nothing at all.
We don't decide our different
but we can learn to love it.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
A, b, c,
you took advantage of me.

D, e, f,
when told no you were deaf.

G, h, i,
I'm nothing you can buy.

K, l, m,
feed my soul to them.

N, o, p,
please don't be beastly.

Q, r, s,
you left me as mess.

T, u, v,
your the wave swallowing me into the sea.

W, x, y,
you watch me with your private eye.

now I'm going on to win the bet.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
The smell hits me,
to be or not to be.
A lone wolf,
a lion in the dark.
Sitting in the park.

A cloud hitting the nose.
Wearing the same cloths.
A bird flying,
a fish swimming.
The weather is chilling.

Addiction is a problem,
that continues to blossom.
A monkey in the cage,
an elephant lying.
I feel like dying.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Bleach my heart,
my eyes and my mouth.
Strangle love out of me
till I scream and shout.
Let my skin turn red,
purple and blue.
Feed me till I drop dead
with an apple from Peru.
Scream at me, scream!
Let there be steam
coming out of your ears
to awaken my fears.
Hold me tight and whisper
till your lips gets blisters.
Beat me ******
roar loud.
Show me that your proud
of the hot heavy tears
that stream down my face.
They are just for you
and don't bring me a tissue.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
Not too hot,
not too cold,
is this the strategy you wanted to behold?

In this case
I was luke warm
by all your harm.

I wouldn't say I was drowning  
or flying for that matter,
but you did make me sadder.

Now I've learnt
how you come and go
and I've learnt to say no.

From now on
I decorate myself with white
and wait for you to once again bite.
Shadow Dragon Sep 2018
Glaring light
and white
Steam and
high pitched
Running water
spreading warmth
spreading legs.
Silky cloths
for the freshly
bathed human.
Confusion and
worried faces
all washed away
by lukewarm
bathtub water.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Slam the door upon my face.
Don't look,
or act.
Just stand behind the door
and anxious.
Wait for me to make a move.
Let me do
what you should have done.
Thats the easiest way
I can think of you
to live a life
where the sun doesn't rotate.
Because sometimes
doing nothing
is easier than doing everything.
And trust me
I will do everything for you.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
I'm showing him new
ways to *****.
Try to forget the past
lovers, especially the last.
I let him bite and chew
on my recipe for the stew.
Let the precious events glide
while I sat and lied.
But I wouldn't call them
lovers, as they made me numb.
They would sit and stare
with another affair.
They wouldn't want to do
the things he asks me to.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2019
A free bird in a cage too long
goes insane.
Especially if the care taker
is insane too.
Future plans
spoil today's plans.
An exchange of stones
is a symbol that means more
than feelings can carry.
Wether in the mountains
or on the road
the stone means the same.
Even if the stone's value diminish
the symbol remains.
A free bird can have no stone
but a caged bird has no use of the stone.
Now that is a dilemma.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
You ask me how
I will do it.
I never told you
but I will slit my throat
in front of the person
that anger me the most.
I wanna see blood, red
and frighted eyes.
Scared for life.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Your fingertips planted trees on me.
You left a forrest
full of life.
But with no rain
there was no healthy leafs.
So the forrest crumbled.
And I cut the tress down
for I did not wish
to have a memory of you
on my body.
Yet, roots of the forrest
remained deep beneath my skin.
And I will now forever,
if I wish or not,
have memories of your fingerprints.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Lord If I may ask:
When we pray for the truth
and open our hearts to you,
will you be merciful
before you confess.

You used to make me filled with fear
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
I braided my hair
so it wouldn’t
fall into your face
and touch
your smiling lips

When your lips
stoped smiling
then I stoped
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
The leftovers are laying on the plate,
it’s almost Half past eight.
The Fork and knife knightley laid,
on the tablecloth casting a shade.

On the plate there has been left a trace,
of the food from a chinese take out place.
Beneath the table a red stiletto heel,
that is probably all he can feel.

Slowly raising the glass of wine,
it’s a die and dine.
Glairying on the silver reflection,
how about he is shown a little affection.

The black hair in his eyes.
He is a human so centralized.
But once he loses focus on what is happening,
he will feel his whole life blackening.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
Guys like broken girls
because they are no pillow princesses.
They are raging animals in cages
waiting for any bite
of raw meat they can put their claws in.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
A daydreamer,
who doesn't understand.
He took my hand,
told me the broken things.

I cut all the strings,
watched him burn.
then I wanted to learn.
Learn to end the fire.

Something I didn't know prior;
You can't start being a liar.
Then splash water on it,
when you should use an extinguisher.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
I wanted you
to  s p r e a d  me
like butter.

I wanted your
knife's cold surface
to warm me up.

I wanted you
to ******* saltiness
as if it was sweetness.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
I question wether heaven has gates
and if the Devil is their master.
If his fingertips has the power
to leave me out of paradise.
If he will turn me down
for what my mind has made me do.
Is there a reason they tell me to **** you
Was there a reason for this madness,
this chaos in my head.
I think there is but
will the Devil let me in?
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
I'll show you mine
if you show me yours.
She said
as paint dripped down her face.
Humming melodies from out of space.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
If we felt nothing then how
would we be able to write
the darkness
that turns within
that creeps deep
so that we turn our
shoulder the other way
when really
we should have
our devil.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
Boredom can cause you to do

That causes hair-raising
and spine-chilling thoughts
to appear in your mind.
Yet they never seem to hurt the bee,
only the bird.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
I once discovered,
a dark place.
Hidden beneath
all the fear.

Crawling up
the ladder.
To drag me down,
and let me drown.

Shaking pain,
and nothing else.
no rescue,
because I chased it away.
Shadow Dragon Jan 2019
I hop on and off,
just like my mood does.
It's quite empty in sound,
only the hissing of the wheels
is present in my ears.
I observe the flash of lights
count them one by one.
Making me realise
that's not all I count.
Life has been traced
from number to number.
But it's the countdown
for a vacation, paradise,
freedom with no walls.
I wish the count would end
because, my dear friend,
my wish is to die
even if I don't know why.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Divorced from my mind,
it left me behind.

Divorced from my mind,
my thoughts can’t even be defined.

Divorced from my mind,
my love is declined.

Divorced from my mind,
I am so blind.

Divorced from my mind,
my body is fined.

Divorced from my mind,
all I can do is unwind.

Divorced from my mind,
poorly designed.

Divorced from my mind,
a disgrace to humankind.

Divorced from my mind,
so divorced that I just sit here and rhyme?
Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
Drinking blood
of sinful
that want
no more
than a hand
to bite down on.

******* every
last drop
of metallic
liquid out
to taste life
the way
it is.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
Told me once,
told me twice.
Rolling a deice,
do I have your affection?

Busy, busy, busy,
Nothing I can't see,
Yet, I let it go.

Creeping back,
when I don't know.
Tip, tap, toe.
My mind won't let go.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
You left me in the dark
just for me to know
I was in the shadow too.

After all I'm not surprised
I recognize
you must carry on.

Now that the thunder starts
I might let you know
that you could have done better.

I said things I shouldn't
and didn't say other things
that I should have.

I don't know if I feel relieved
or sad in a way that makes me
go to the heartbreak hotel.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
That one stare
you gave me from across the room.
Showing me how disappointed
you are that I no longer is yours to keep.

I feel every inch of my body
filled with terror.
Because you blame me
for moving on when you haven't.

You gave me no reason to stay
or obey.
But I will never recover
from your straight, lonely stare.

I hope you now learn
that you can't cut the wings
off the flying bee
and expect it to collect nectar.

For I am no longer present for you.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Forming new



How to E S C A P E and be F A I R ?
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
Glitter poured into the ocean,
shining like stars.

Beauty is an underestimation.
She, a sip of sweet tea,
nectar for the bees.

A dip in the cold water,
bathing in caviar
and champagne.

Glowing body
casting a shadow
on the burning sand.

The calm smile
stretching out wrinkles
on the peachy cheeks.

Rich butterflies in the stomach,
light as clouds
cotton candy flavored.

Bloomed and flowered,
at peace,
old but young at soul.

White locks of pure life
flowing in the wind
touching the tanned shoulders.

Worn down hands of insight,
which touched so many characters
with such sophistication.

Admired woman at the beach,
with such a graceful face.

I wish to meet you again,
for you melt my heart
in another perfect imperfect dream.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
The vintage doll in the window
staring into thin air.
Fake tears in a pipet
drip down her face.
Born into original sin
and the urge for it to wash away.
Slow soapy circles
on the porcelain skin.

A made up story
to clear the sky
that otherwise
down water
watering her eyes.
Shadow Dragon May 2018
The difference between
this and a love poem
is that this
is for me
not for you
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Watching the
fire fly,
drizzle into the sky.
Waving goodbye.

The classic
floating imagery.
Lying on the bed,
newly wed.

Observing light.
thoughts turning white.
Dark canvas,
painted handless.

Tail illuminating,
never fading.
Once been awakened,
never forsaken.
Shadow Dragon Sep 2019
Spreading love
Spreading legs
Splitting a bottle of wine
As our bodies are to dine
Simple life
Yet complicated minds
Breaking patterns
Breaking rules
Committing just
To continue as fools
And I love
Every detail
And corner
love explore
For me to adore
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
Buy it in pieces,
to get to Jesus.

Let it flow,
to get the snow.

Put it in rows,
to get it in the nose.

Sniff the outdated,
to get elevated.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
The supreme being.
Space sightseeing.
If I was,
the creator and ruler,
I wouldn’t be minuscular.

Source of all moral authority.
Power and superiority.
If I was,
the universal leader,
I wouldn’t be a *******.

Nature and human fortunes.
Praise or reward the orphans.
If I was,
the worshiped spirit,
I would be merit.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
Im split between two,
good and evil.
Sitting one each shoulder
kissing my neck.
Caressing my brain
one more than the other.
But I will not let the devil win,
I'll hold on to the good.
Until happiness decides
I no longer deserve to be happy.
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
Salty skin,
bare, burnt, buttery
and brutally BBQ'ed.

Amused by laying under
the rose-white parcel
decorated by green, blue and yellow.

Silver stars
beneath the blue lagoon
swallowing long limbs.

Appealing dry lips
consuming drops of shine,
kissed by the breeze.

Bathing beauty,
shy, sunny
and summoning sandy stares.
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
& Aster.
A life so precious,
A life so spacious.

& Crocus.
Call me when your ready,
Call me when it gets messy.

Ground Ivy,
Greater plantain
& Garlic Mustard.
Give me some love,
Give me everything above.

Our garden has turned
to awful melodies
of screams and sounds
that I once heard
as rhymes and
beautiful notes.

I never knew,
something so negative
could feel so positive.
Shadow Dragon Jun 2018
You sting,
but at least you
could have tried.

Your thorns
are growing,
letting me bleed.
Shadow Dragon Nov 2018
Get a job,
a husband or wife.
Make yourself comfortable
in your own life.
So they tell me
or would have told me
if they were still alive.
But they are dying slowly
by the magic pills.
They are no longer there
to protect and care.
I no longer have devils
that whisper and scream.
They can do both
but now they are doing non.
And I can see myself having fun,
not caring or staring
into nothingness.
Yet it leaves me in mourning
to know they are about to die.
Maybe if I hold on a little longer
I won't be lonely and then find myself
a job, husband or wife.
Shadow Dragon Feb 2019
I have no where to go
when I'm lonely and sad.
Even my mind has no escape.
Go to your "happy place".
I imagine;
big beautiful beaches,
boats at the bay,
star skies in the dessert,
waterfalls and rainbows
and the sun setting then rising.
No, no, no!
They are imaginations,
they don't work.
I get nothing out of this
so called "happy place".
They don't make me happy
and from now on
I want it all to be real.
No imagining, my happy place
should be as real as
slavery, homophobia,
climate change and racism.
Shadow Dragon Oct 2018
a crash
dead gone
badly hurt
maybe one
may die
in a
hell hole
to starve
and be
buried alive
go away
and stay
where you are
leave me alone
and die in
a hell hole
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