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Dear future wife
, for now, I don't know you yet
                   but yet
         I know I will love you
             and care for you
           Dear future wife
  for now, I don't have you yet
                    but yet
         I know I will have you
           and you will have me
           Dear future wife
, for now, I don't have happiness  yet
                    but yet
I know I will have it and you will have it
         when we become one

          Dear future wife
, for now, we haven't become one yet
                   but not yet
so let's become one once and for all
         and be happy as one
Forest shelters all
good and bad
so is life
Rain is decorated by rainbows
singing the music of thunderstorms
with lightnings all hours

Our love is decorated by affection
so let's be the reflection
of perfection

Perfection is not boring
who doesn't know how to love is boring
as love is everything

Everything is all we go through
thin and thick we go through
temptation our love is going through

Throughout the year we were determined
to fight for our love as we aimed
so let's go ahead
For when i'm gone, just carry on with your life
and rejoice every time you read my poems
because my words in poetry are full of life

For when i'm gone, weep not for me as you stand around my grave
think who has died his beloved to save
sing a sweet song as angels may have

I will always look down on you
and all i want ever from you
is for you to be happy even though i'm gone

For when i'm gone, my sweetheart  i want you
to spread the love but not hatred
be constructive but not destructive

For when i'm gone, i want to rest in peace
knowing that the world is in your good hands
Birds of feathers flock together
also people of feets walk together
so let's walk together
and take lead
to make world
a better place to live
If you didn't come from rich family
rich family must come from you
If you can understand
the power of perception
you can understand
why it's important
to have right perception
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