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Mathew P Nangolo Jul 2020
The dice is still rollin'
and life is still going on
so don't jump to a conclusion

Don't make a permanent decision
over a temporary emotion
'cause the dice is still rollin'
and life still goes on
Mathew P Nangolo May 2020
I looked at her from far
and even though she was a stranger
I went to her  
and investigate what was going on her

I noticed she was trembling in the fear and coldness
I gave her my jacket and a hug for comfortness
Tears started polling down her eyes
as she was a foreigner to the world of affections

Although the pain was too much for her
she shared her story with me hopelessly
her parents were all gone
then her aunt and uncle took her in

They insulted her day in and day out
not only have they called her wild names
but they have made her do weird things
I can tell her heart was in great devastation

My Gosh, if you can look at her even once
and raise your mercy hand to her
she hungry for peace and your kindness
if you could let her smile even  once
Mathew P Nangolo Mar 2020
The world is at war
fighting a bitter battle
a no gun or bullet battle

It's an unusual war
that requires us all
to kneel down

kneel down and fight
fight with a prayer
and through quarantining  

It attacks us like a whirlwind
and the flight is out of necessity
but fighting  is a necessity
Mathew P Nangolo Jun 2019
Protect your dream
as the devil would come after it
and block it from becoming reality
Mathew P Nangolo Jun 2019
Dear future wife
, for now, I don't know you yet
                   but yet
         I know I will love you
             and care for you
           Dear future wife
  for now, I don't have you yet
                    but yet
         I know I will have you
           and you will have me
           Dear future wife
, for now, I don't have happiness  yet
                    but yet
I know I will have it and you will have it
         when we become one

          Dear future wife
, for now, we haven't become one yet
                   but not yet
so let's become one once and for all
         and be happy as one
Mathew P Nangolo Jun 2019
Forest shelters all
good and bad
so is life
Mathew P Nangolo Apr 2019
Birds of feathers flock together
also people of feets walk together
so let's walk together
and take lead
to make world
a better place to live
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