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Macho Mole Mar 2020
The exquisite moment awaits me, waiting till the coast is clear.

Don't be shy, I say, I love you, I adore you,

I love you too, says the moment.

I know, I say, I bath in you like sunshine. I am surprised you are still here. I want to spend time with you, but I must do other things, what can keep our hearts apart?

It is as though a veil is drawn, as though we are embarrassed by delight, as though life wasn't meant to be easy, but meant to be obeyed, or followed.

So I sneak away for a kiss behind the shed, and how bold you are, I am transformed, how can I ever let you go?

Should I sneak away from life, should I take a perpetual holiday in your arms? Will you love me in the morning?

My heart fails me as I leave. Don't worry, you say, be happy, as I drag my heart out the door.

You'll be back, you say, and I will be a surprise for you, once again, we are made for each other.

Macho Mole Mar 2020
Evil lives above me.

Who would have guessed?

And so seductive.

Reaching inside to my own evil.

So I played doggo, I didn't respond.

Evil escalated control, and half by luck, I played dead.

My strength is of the strength of ten, because my heart is pure.
And evil has superhuman strength, with a black heart.
Evil destroyed property, but left me standing.
Receding like a giant tsunami, leaving me behind.

I tell myself I triumphed over evil, but it was mostly luck
I shiver at the thought.
Macho Mole Mar 2020
Yeah, you can find me on Instagram. Yes, there I am floating above a glass table. I am beautiful in pink and white, I spread my wings further than your arms can reach. I am, though beautiful and magical, an illusion.

The Bible warns us of graven images, and all images lie, even images of me. There is a famous painting that illustrates this, click your Address above with­.0....1..gws-wiz-img.......0i131j0i30.NaEfuBsLclU. We see an image of a pipe is not a pipe, in other words, the map is not the territory. And the image of me, although beautiful and magical, is not me, the map of me, so to speak, is not me. So all images, even beautiful images, lie.

And for those of you foolish enough to look me up on Instagram see that I am a large pink and white unbrella, floating above a glass table, under a seventy foot Pin Oak, in the sunshine.

And like botox I am an illusion, and rather than floating, I am held up by two opposing forces, compression and tension, my wooden pole compresses, and four invisible wires, tension me at the four points of the compass.

I have passed four tests, a ferocious hail storm with only one small tear, a rain event, and even a wind storm with only a slight twisting movement.

I am in love with my magnificent Pin Oak, and at night I am festooned with lights.

Some accuse me of being ****, but I know they are projecting their own feelings onto me. And indeed, there are worse things than being thought of as ****.

Do you like pink and white?
Macho Mole Mar 2020
Just as authoritarians need Jews, I need you.

Of course if you do as you are told, it is all good.

And I know you want to be good, and you want others to be good too.

And the best way to be good, is to ensure others are good too.

Then, it's all good, and all are good,

Goodness me, don't listen to your feelings or mine, your feelings are bad.

Your feelings will constantly tempt you, listen to me, they say.

Listen to me and I will give you pleasure and happiness, they say, but don't listen because they will only give you pain.

And if they don't give you pain, I will, and so will everyone behind me, and above me.

Remember your place, and never forget who you are.
Macho Mole Mar 2020
It is more than I deserve. It is perfection. It is the perfect Sneaker, perfect in price, perfect in design, and perfect in appearance, and a perfect fit. My new Sneakers are everything I want to be.

They are Sneakers worn by Angels, who are only used to walking on clouds, and so demand a Sneaker that is fit for cloud walking. In fact wearing these Sneakers is like walking on Cloud 9, click

Each step bathes my foot in pleasure and is an invitation to dance, or run like a gazelle. I love looking down and see my Sneakers looking up. "We are perfect for sneaking around in comfort, ya wanna sneak up on someone or even sneak up on a tiger, we're your Sneakers, silent, unobtrusive, splashes of blood, simply wash off. We are the perfect Sneakers for the fashionable predator, we provide silent service".

"We cushion every step, we cushion the steps of kings and queens, and we cushion the steps of career criminals, we don't discriminate. We are fit for every foot. We are fit for the newly married, and the newly divorced.

We are more than you deserve".
Macho Mole Feb 2020
Me-Too have Harvey Weinstein in jail.

But all Harvey Weinstein did was to follow the lead of *******. What Harvey Weinstein did can be seen every day in public *******.

This means ******* incites its followers to commit crimes against women and children.
Macho Mole Feb 2020
My God, says the Holy Book, is a jealous God.

Or we might say, my destiny is stronger than your destiny.

Orwe might say, our entrancement is stronger than your entrancement.

Or we might say, our wyrd is stronger than your wyrd.

This might be academic except we fought Imperial Japan to determine whose spirituality was the stronger.

And the final picture of our dominant General standing next to the deferential Emperor of Japan settled it. The
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