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Andrew Oct 2018
Do you hold me in your memory?
Or did all the mementos flee
Once you no longer heard from me?
My intention was not to abandon
But joy played elsewhere so I had to run
To it; thinking I could leave crumbs
To find my way back to you
Now you found your path more true
And I am just a time you rued

I wish you would remember me
Even if in the distance like fading drums.
A beat begot by the love you lose
A rhythm that holds memory
That weeps now at what it will next become
A trance to track the my next muse
This is a poem I wrote to honor my first love, the one that taught me how to
Andrew Oct 2018
You, whose shortness of breath matches their shortness of hope

I aid abort-less, no death catches where restless love lives

Yes, choose heart rest over mess. My chest where you'll find rescue rope

Let loose, rip your reasons and reset. I know you are what strength is
I wrote this to soothe a friend who suffers from anxiety attacks a lot
Andrew Oct 2018
What happens when your desire to play withers?
New antics and evils into you slither
A network of growing narcissists
Where worth is determined through a pose
That turns comrades into cannibalists
Feigned friendships that keep you on your toes
Where character is captured in clothes and not what’s enclosed
With a language of muck that does not elevate others but encourages lows
What happens when children have no chance at innocence?
They don’t have different directions to choose in a sense
I don’t want the masses to move like miserable television
I want my people to be able to make heartfelt decisions
Decisions that shake the earth instead of denizens that can only shake their ***
We lose our humanity behind pieces of glass
When we should be losing our sanity in fields of grass
And what happens if the WiFi expires?
Can our ways be rewired?
Inducing ideas that inspire?
Or will the world finally retire?
As we watch it burn down in fire.
Thoughts on technology and the superficial
Andrew Oct 2018
Her eyes are sunken
And I'm still sinking
Into them
Treasure I find
In my accidents.
Drowning feigned
Became a beauty faint
The call of a friend
Are laugh lines that don't lie.
And when our grooves meet
Does a shining light crack through
To place peace between teeth
Teaching a tenacity that is true
No longer lying loose
We grew new notions to never lose
And to abnegate abuse
Then sunken eyes sought vivid views

— The End —