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sarathegreat Nov 2019
my dear love
you make me
to yet again break me...
#love #break #me
sarathegreat Oct 2019
I’m screaming,
I’m yelling,
I’m kicking,
I’m grasping,
yet no one can hear me...
  Apr 2019 sarathegreat
In your darkest days
I became your light
But in mine you
Never were
I wonder.
Sometimes its tiring to be just the light. You never got to see my darkness, because you were not there.
sarathegreat Nov 2018
But why are we so caught up on depending our happiness on others?
why can’t we be happy because we decide to?
We consistently make people our only source of happiness
and we are consistently heartbroken when they let us down...
sarathegreat Nov 2018
You are emotional
incapable of being loved
incapable of loving
so I don't get why
you are always wondering
why people hurt you
it's been a while sorry for the inconsistency.
sarathegreat Aug 2018
you can’t love someone like me
someone so poisonous
who will ruin everything good in your life
you can’t love someone like me
someone without remedy
you can’t love someone who isn’t capable of loving . . .
  Jun 2018 sarathegreat
I woke up extra early
To pick wildflowers from the meadow
I gathered goldenrods and roses
And picked some baby's breath
I watched the dewdrops scattered
Across the blades of grass
I watched the colors of gold
And lavender infuse the morning sky
I took a piece of baby blue ribbon
And tied it around my flowers
To hold your special bouquet in place
For this is your last bouquet here
And this is your special day

Sad day today....I feel sorry because
My mom is trying to help our sick cat, Fluffy
Who hasn't been feeling well for a while!!!! ~~~~~<3
We fear he may be slipping away (dying)....
I don't know, though...
So I wrote this for him and my mom...
Especially to comfort my mom!!! ~~~~~<3
I hope y'all enjoy this!!! ~~~~<3
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