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B H H Burns Jul 2017
If you want to be free,
you’ve got to own yourself –
Take control of what you do,
Be responsible for you,
So then nobody else
can play you for a fool;
Gotta make the whole world see
that you will always be
yourself – and then to your own self be true.
B H H Burns Jul 2017
Standing on the edge
is such a privileged position
to be in.

There’s no knowing what comes next,
So just take a deep breath and
keep breathing
keep believing
and keep receiving
all the blessings that this universe possesses.

And when you’re ready, may I suggest
you do just
what everyone says
you’re not supposed to do…
And look down;

Look down and all around you
at the wonder that surrounds you
and truly see the profound beauty of your life –
the opportunities it’s waiting to supply.

Then you will realize the emptiness you see,
Is like a midnight sky spread out beneath your feet
lying pure and still
and surely filled
with billions of bright possibilities.

So the only thing left
for you to do,
Is just to take a breath
then take that step
into whatever future is waiting there for you.
Inspired by #MadVerse prompt Have No Fear/If Not Now, When?
B H H Burns Jul 2017
My mind is like a griddle
on which inspiration sizzles;
I let it gently fry and
turn it over
so neither side
will get burnt.

I’ve gotta cook it slow and steady –
and better wait until it’s ready
cause there’s a lesson I’ve learnt
from times before;
from when it looked all cooked and tasty
but its insides were still raw
so the inspiration was wasted
leaving my imagination insatiated,
somewhat unsatisfied and sore.

So this time I let it fry,
on the griddle of my mind
Until it’s done right to the middle
So I know that when I whittle down
into its many drooling layers
the plentiful things waiting there
will be the rich juices of words, rhythm and rhyme.
(Inspired by #BlackDahliaProse prompt ‘Sizzling’)
B H H Burns Jul 2017
Dreams drift like clouds
around our minds,
and wishes fly
like paper planes
across a summer sky,
leaving vapor trails
of hope
lying behind them –
their frail reminders
of that which we once wished
would come true;
but now only exists
in shades of blue.
(Inspired by #lunagemz prompt ‘Wishes Outlining The Sky’)
B H H Burns Jul 2017
Sometimes it’s wise
to take time out from
our busy lives
and see the world
through a child’s eyes.

So let go, and whirl
yourself around –
til you’re so dizzy
you tumble down
into a heap upon the ground;
And if you don’t feel humble,
when you’re down there, then
you’d better get back on your feet
and do it all again
Inspired by #DimpleVerse prompt 'Ebullient'
B H H Burns Jul 2017
Once upon a time,
I lined my waist with numbers;
I would waste my time
calculating endless sums
for my basic needs.
There would be fines for
overstepping boundaries –
a scaling back of
my supposed sense of greed.

Once upon a time,
I timed my pain with numbers;
Making sure I met
my set target every day;
for a balance had
to be closely kept
between input and output –
red flags would be raised
If I went into the black.

Once upon a time,
I was defined by numbers;
My life resigned to
mathematical strategies.
Now I understand
though I am not a number,
and I do not add up; yet
I count just because
I am me
Inspired by #BeautifulMess prompt 'Numbers'
B H H Burns Jul 2017
Scuttling their way
sideways through space –
Like they always know
where they’re going.

So if we do likewise
(but move sideways through time)
Do you think we might find
where time’s going?
Inspired by #storysaturday prompt '*****'
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