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Friedrich Nietzsche in Turin
The Italians call him The Saint
T-shirt in the Irish bar
A saint is what I ain't

We speak beside the pool
She is blonde and Polish
Her husband plays soccer
Charlotte quietly

The Europeans are more civilized
But at risk from Mother Russia
I'd like to take 12 trains

Don't listen to Bach
Never play Chopin
ACDC a rockin' band
In Dublin meant to be?

         Vive Amelie!
Charlotte is a pretty name
She warbles as she flies
She and Bob in Tokyo
Smoke gets in your eyes

If I died in Paris
You could go to Notre Dame
If I died at sea
You could Ishmael your mom

I want to go to Germany
Have a Bavarian pretzel
I too know anxiety
Just do your best, Ms. Emily Wetzel

Moby **** in my car
Mr. Markson on my shelf
In Seattle Green Arrow
In London Legolas the Elf

Nuclear war is likely
The Apocalypse of Fire
Shakyamuni indeed correct
Suffering is caused by desire

The Zen Center is silent
I bow and bring my tea
Hagia Sophia
Please let the future be

I like the fact that Aslan is a Turkish word
It's a kind of Turkish delight
Greece in the morning
Istanbul at night

Oxford pub by myself
The Eagle and the Child
Emily in Amherst
The Nights gone wicked wild

I spend much time alone
But I am not a hermit
She is like Miss Piggy
I am green like Kermit

Can Susan save me?
Can poetry revive?
53 and falling
But glad to be alive

 May 2022 Anthony Pierre
A secret
The one thing that has always been mine
To hold, ponder, inspect
Once given
changed entirely
As others finger it
Smearing alternative realities  
So selfishly I repress
The temptation to let go
My last
My love, as you lie on your bed
the first morning rose I'll pick--upon
your gentle hair to deck
ere the day's sunshine is gone
Early in the morning,
Laying in bed,
light washing over me,
thoughts floating in my head.

Wondering what it’d be like,
Doubt seeps like morning glow.
What could I say to him?
What might he never know?

- Lost in Translation
I miss the me I used to be
I miss the things I've done
The walks, the talks
The laughing thoughts
The drinks, the intense fun
feeling nostalgic, going through the inevitable thought process that I am indeed beginning to leave my youth behind
 Aug 2021 Anthony Pierre
They asked me
''How did you get over him?''
''How did you get over him so quickly?"
I smiled and I laughed
A crazy laugh
I cried and I laughed
A silent cry
A crazy laugh
I told them
"I tricked my heart into believing that I didn't  need him."
The brain knows the truth, the heart is a sucker for love songs.
Stanley Yelnats and Zero
Break the ancient curse

Things sometimes get better
Things sometimes get worse

The Irish doctors healed my son
That lovely Irish nurse!

Merlin is getting younger
He can time reverse

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