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skies are grey and dull
sipping coffee on her own
heavy heart and soul
she sits on the floor
trying to calm
her mind
as her thoughts
repeatedly return
to the window
a window
by the storms of life - her life
a window
nearly closed
with the gap
slowly but steadily
getting narrower and narrower
soon it will be too narrow
for her soul
to slip through
into a better and happier world
all she needs to do
is to get up
and open the window

will she?
she watches
the raindrops
gently landing
on her skin
she is not afraid
of the rain
as she knows
that the sun
will soon
be shining again
he sits
opposite her
his face
slightly turned
to the right
his eyes
fixed at a point
far in the

she looks
at him
her face
is motionless
but her eyes
tell me
how sad
she is
looking at
the feather
on the pavement
she remembers
that as a little girl
it had been
her dream
to be a poet
when growing up
she sadly
had to let go
of her dream
would you get married again
he asks

only if I can fully trust him
she replies
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