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I like islands as
they let me escape
from the drudgery
of everyday life.
Once I land on an island
I cut off the rope
that secured my boat.
Then I open
my arms and heart widely
allowing freedom to replace
repression and fear.
After a while I am me again
and ready to take on
the impossible.
Then it is time
to take my mobile
out of my bag and check
my text messages.
red wine
white wine
you & I
I could stop
and do something else
but I carry on
as I lack courage
you are so
different today
I do not see
desire in your eyes
but resignation
and a sense
that things will
never be the same
where are your smiles
and your belief that
everything you touch
will magically transform
I am sad as I  sense
that you are
anticipating the end
the sound of your cello
touches me
and sends shivers
down my spine
it is electrifying
and promises so much
and increases my desire
to rest in your arms
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