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Flora Felafel Nov 19
The times we had will
Always be the times I  treasured the most.
So shortly lived but yet
The bond so strong.

Like a movie scene,
I used to replay my version of events.
We danced to every song,
And swayed at every beat.

We go with the flow
And had the times of our lives.
Sometimes our dance were slow,
Sometimes lonely and sometimes happy.

Our every move matched the
Rhythm of my heart.
Our love went on with every melody.
Every song played tells a story about us.

But I never knew our time would
Be this short.
Our dance became slow
And our melody has reached the end.

The rhythm stopped.
And you asked...
'What can we do now that the music's done...
My love..'
That was the end of our beautiful melody...A song I won't stop singing.
A time i'll never forget
Flora Felafel Nov 12
That feeling of accomplishment,
Or that air of regret;
Lingers when you've made a choice.
Like the smoke from a cigarette;
That rises up but never goes back in,
You can't alter the situation
That you've chosen.
But is your choice right or wrong?
The answer is neither.
Flora Felafel Nov 11
Evil wing in ether beating;
Vultures at the spirit eating.
Things unseen forever fleeting,
Black against the leering sky.
Ghastly shades of bygone gladness;
Clawing fiends of future sadness.
Mingle in a cloud of madness,
Ever on the soul to lie.
Flora Felafel Nov 11
Pain is inevitable,
Suffering is optional.
The crossroads of success,
Is always constructional.

If we could become tress,
Solid and stoic, deep rooted
In Mother Earth's flesh;
We could stand firm
Through the tempest, unswayed.

But we are only humans.
Covered in darkness.
Hiding behind our fears,
Timidly withdrawing from
The ominous tempest.

So, embrace the fury,
The daunting gales that
Once were scary.
After all, you can't
Stop the waves,
But you can learn to surf.

And even if you sank,
Deeper into the void,
At least you'll drown
Knowing there was
Beauty In The Struggle.

— The End —