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 Sep 2017 topacio
Solar System
 Sep 2017 topacio
My soul is the universe
and the planets are reflections
of the feelings I have and the stars
are the people I meet and the more I discover
the more I feel less alone in this great widespread universe
 Sep 2017 topacio
rodeo clown
 Sep 2017 topacio
rodeo clown
if there were words to describe the past few months, i would cut them up, silver knife to granite, into lousy pieces and throw them in a *** to boil
turn the fire down when it starts to smell like bathwater, nail polish remover, and tobacco
if you're asking what it feels like to be nothing, i'll serve you this
abjection by the spoon full
 Sep 2017 topacio
too many people asking who i want to be
where i want to go to college
“do i have a boyfriend yet?”

no grandma i don't have a boyfriend
no i don't want one either
you see
i like girls
and hey,
i'm actually a guy

i didn't actually say that
grandma wouldn't understand
instead i have to suffer through her endless
“there's some cute guys i can set you up with”

why is “normal”
for girls to like guys
and guys to like girls
(i had to read over this
to make sure i was getting
it straight)

why is it “normal”
to plan out a child's life
by what's in between their legs

why are people
why are people like that

get over your fears
i'm not gonna hurt you
leave me alone
and i’ll gladly do the same

aliens must think we’re really weird
there are too many people in the world
for this amount of hate
had a bad day and grandma just topped it, thanks grandma
 Apr 2016 topacio
Madeline Clow
The traveler has no home, the traveler is never sown, the travelers dearest companion is his pack, he only keeps what he can carry on his back.
No one want's to be the traveler, the traveler knows, except for the traveler  because the traveler knows that the tune that makes him travel is more precious then any home and he won't settle for anything less then his own.
 Jan 2016 topacio
Sophie Herzing
We used to sit in your parent's basement
with your two dogs on their little beds
in the corner by the old desktop computer,
wooden hand-me-down grandmother cabinetry,
lace doilies underneath all the candles
on the coffee table. I made you turn out the lights.
We would sit there and pretend
that we could find something better to do
than kiss between commercials
or talk about all the things we used
to dream about in high school, how I
got mine and how yours were like
the back bumper of a car that got left
out in the rain too long-- a little rusty.

Your kissing was a little rusty,
but I let it go because you didn't make fun
of me ordering a double grilled cheese
on our first date. You also didn't judge
when I got drips on my dress
from my ice cream cone. I can still
remember the way you'd yell at me
for stopping too far out at intersections,
laughing how I was gonna get us killed
one day, but I think
you just really loved to hear me sing
over you. I think you really loved

me, and here I was playing teeter
totter on curbs in little jean shorts
with a guy who gave me a slice
of leftover pizza. Here I was, burning
down your own ambitions because
they didn't seem as glittery as my own,
because you didn't quite match all the sketches,
all the plans I had on my map. Because
if we were to draw straws I always thought
you would come up a little short.
I think you really loved me and I left you
like a penny in between that couch
we used to sit on.
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