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Sep 2017
too many people asking who i want to be
where i want to go to college
“do i have a boyfriend yet?”

no grandma i don't have a boyfriend
no i don't want one either
you see
i like girls
and hey,
i'm actually a guy

i didn't actually say that
grandma wouldn't understand
instead i have to suffer through her endless
“there's some cute guys i can set you up with”

why is “normal”
for girls to like guys
and guys to like girls
(i had to read over this
to make sure i was getting
it straight)

why is it “normal”
to plan out a child's life
by what's in between their legs

why are people
why are people like that

get over your fears
i'm not gonna hurt you
leave me alone
and i’ll gladly do the same

aliens must think we’re really weird
there are too many people in the world
for this amount of hate
had a bad day and grandma just topped it, thanks grandma
Written by
Aiden  Trans Male/USA
(Trans Male/USA)   
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