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Madeline Clow Jan 13
I wish to write a poem
About feelings of home
The plastic lice comb
Dressing in bath foam
I guess my childhood home
Is how i'll always think of home
I wish instead of Rome
All the roads would take me home
Madeline Clow Dec 2023
I'm sick of trying to be cool
I'm saying this to sound cool
I'll do almost anything for attention
I want to be better than you
Yes I do
Oo oo oooooo



I'm not feeling so great about myself today ;()())
Madeline Clow Dec 2023
Deep in the mountains

Inside a cave

Sits an open chest

If you look inside it

You will find that it's empty

But it wasn't always that way

It used to to contain  a heart

That was before

It was given

Madeline Clow Dec 2023
You are soo not attracted to me
Anyone can see
That you don't want me

I love you soo much
My heart was cursed by your touch

It can't be done
You can't be won

I need  to run to a place where my heart can't find me
Wherever that place may be
Madeline Clow Aug 2023
There is a scary lady that lives within me mama, I am usually unaware of her and forget she's even there until all of a sudden I sense her and I remember that I had forgotten all about her and it all comes back to me and then once again i forget mama that
Madeline Clow Aug 2023
Beetle juice and old rice
Doesn't that sound really nice?!

Roll over! Easy! Moreover! Morose!

Oh heeve heeve!
Roll up your sleeve!

Madeline Clow Aug 2023
Veem vam voom
Tricka Lica loom
Ha ta tume!
Vim vam voom
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