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Remus Sep 2020
Mother wept for weeks when you died.
Her cries rang throughout the house
as if she had put a microphone up to her mouth.
She demanded to know why I killed her daughter.
Where was the daughter who wore floral skirts to spin around in?
Where was the daughter who wore shimmering gold makeup as a way to be pretty?
Where was the daughter that begged for her hair braided like Katniss every morning?
She demanded answers but I don’t know if you actually ever existed.

I know you tried to exist.
I know you kept trying to stop me from ‘taking your place’
by devouring every feminine stereotype you could find.
I couldn’t live repressed under emotions you refused to address.
I couldn’t survive as you tried every title besides the correct one.
I couldn’t stand the sight of you in the mirror or photos
I still can’t.

Maybe I did **** you as I cut my hair shorter than you wanted.
I killed you by throwing out all your favorite clothing items.
I killed you by no longer letting you be the ideal daughter.
I killed you just like I started to **** our family.
All it took was a simple letter saying I wasn’t a girl, but instead a boy.
The silent treatment felt more like a punishment for wanting to be me.
I was cut off while I still lived in the same house as them.
The only thing is that I would **** you again,
but only if I got to see you crumble away every time.
I turned this in for my creative writing class and thought I'd share
Aiden Sep 2017
too many people asking who i want to be
where i want to go to college
“do i have a boyfriend yet?”

no grandma i don't have a boyfriend
no i don't want one either
you see
i like girls
and hey,
i'm actually a guy

i didn't actually say that
grandma wouldn't understand
instead i have to suffer through her endless
“there's some cute guys i can set you up with”

why is “normal”
for girls to like guys
and guys to like girls
(i had to read over this
to make sure i was getting
it straight)

why is it “normal”
to plan out a child's life
by what's in between their legs

why are people
why are people like that

get over your fears
i'm not gonna hurt you
leave me alone
and i’ll gladly do the same

aliens must think we’re really weird
there are too many people in the world
for this amount of hate
had a bad day and grandma just topped it, thanks grandma

— The End —