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chaos Oct 2023
It is the sarcasm of reality that
a glittering sky can be
a trigger of nightmares –
full of concrete uncertainties like
figures casted by shadows beneath.
Yet it still comforts the unrest
as the night captures the still.

But in contrast of the beauty
is the goodness in dim
and the darkness in light
like the negatives in film.
They say that the presence of gloom
makes one shine in comparison;
only if it is easily controlled.
What’s often forgotten is that
the ruler of this mind is
overthrown by
the silhouettes of fear.
chaos Aug 2021
Do you know the greatest things in life?
You don't.
Because they're still within your grasp.
I'll ask you again when you lose them.
chaos Jul 2021
the walks,
the casual talks,
the evident smiles–
messing around for a while,
the shared stories,
along with the hot calamari,
the touches,
the warmth,
the old,
the normal,
the usual,
the life without the masks.
chaos Jun 2021
conversations in my head
all the hello and good nights that's been said
when will they ever be heard
chaos May 2021
I dreamt of you in a rose-colored glasses
Surreal and so it hurts
chaos May 2021
desires for shallow deeps
chained yet detached
inadequate worth
monotonous fun
filled with emptiness
don’t you get it?
we’re just hollows trying to matter
chaos May 2021
I heard them say
that the clock is ticking
but we should take our time.
And so I did.
Only to discover that they've mistaken—
it's a bomb, not a clock.
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