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a silent chaos Aug 2021
Do you know the greatest things in life?
You don't.
Because they're still within your grasp.
I'll ask you again when you lose them.
a silent chaos Jul 2021
the walks,
the casual talks,
the evident smiles–
messing around for a while,
the shared stories,
along with the hot calamari,
the touches,
the warmth,
the old,
the normal,
the usual,
the life without the masks.
a silent chaos Jun 2021
conversations in my head
all the hello and good nights that's been said
when will they ever be heard
a silent chaos May 2021
I dreamt of you in a rose-colored glasses
Surreal and so it hurts
a silent chaos May 2021
desires for shallow deeps
chained yet detached
inadequate worth
monotonous fun
filled with emptiness
don’t you get it?
we’re just hollows trying to matter
a silent chaos May 2021
I heard them say
that the clock is ticking
but we should take our time.
And so I did.
Only to discover that they've mistaken—
it's a bomb, not a clock.
a silent chaos May 2021
Suddenly, the comfort of aesthetics left my eyes
Replaced by voidness filled with questions of uncertainties
Who am I?
And who I want to be?
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