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Raj Gomes Oct 2018
I shall rise.
Like a phoenix rises
from it's own ashes.
Death is not the end,
but only the beginning
of this new journey.

It is incredibly important to never lose ourselves in times of pain. Very crucial. Pain, sadness, hurt will always be there but what is necessary is to always stay strong and believe that you can rise even from your ashes, like a Phoenix does.
Raj Gomes Oct 2018
In a world filled with stone cold hearts,
be the warmth that melts the ice
and produces love.

It's true life gets hard sometimes but please do yourself a favor and choose to stay warm and wise and solve every problem with might and be an example to others. You'll be happy.
Raj Gomes Oct 2018
It's tough when you have no one to share your pain with,
no shoulders to lean on to.
No one to hug.
And that's when he embraces the darkness of his room
which hugs him with the same intensity
as he cries his heart out.

"Men don't cry"
A lie that has been engraved in the very fabric of our society shuns the normal human feelings and puts sentimental men to shame. We are humans and we are emotional beings. It is okay to feel and to express those feelings in smiles and tears irrespective of the gender. Men too feel and should be allowed to express themselves without tags. Men cry too, and its okay.
Raj Gomes Oct 2018
There's so much I want to say,
but I cannot speak.
So much pain
which I cannot express.
I seek a God,
but do I believe in one?
I look for an escape,
but is there one?

Often times it happens that we just lose ourselves in whatever pain we are going through. It's as if we cannot express our sadness nor ask for help. We cry in agony over an untold story desperately looking for an escape.

— The End —