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Rosa Nov 2022
I keep rotten food underneath my bed
Maybe it’s because my head tells me i’ll be better off dead
That underneath the ground there i’ll lay
Rotting like all of those flowers
Soon to decay
  May 2019 Rosa
Is pain considered a drug when you keep coming back for it? For more?
Rosa May 2019
see beyond the words and faces
feel beyond the smooth skin
read beyond the print
breathe in more than the oxygen
run in messy houses
live beneath the bridges
seek more than what they can offer
but most importantly
always drink enough water
Rosa May 2019
living in the daydreams in my head
i’ll take my pain pills and go to bed
lifeless, cold and dead
I’ve awaited someone to save this disgrace
but now it’s too late
Rosa Feb 2019
down to the river, i’m leaving you behind
down to the river, i’ll cry and cry and cry
down to the river, please dry my eyes
down to the river, i’ll sing this lullaby
A short lullaby I created to serenade myself into complete madness
Rosa Dec 2018
Dreams are better than my reality
even the nightmares
Rosa Jul 2018
My body thrills with fright
Sounds of his wounds linger at first sight
Leaving with scars on her wrists
He hit me and it felt like a kiss
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