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 Aug 2021 The Black Beast
Never have i felt so alone.

All my friends have left
Fault of my own im sure,
For i never made the effort.
"Too busy, too tired" i said.
At first I blamed anxiety
But let's be honest,
I was just too lazy.

No family to be seen.
Packed their bags,
And off they went.
Still we talk in text, alas
no hugs through a screen.

Despite all this I was happy,
All this seemed as nothing.
As my girlfriend was my all
Best friend and family as one,
What more could i ask for?

Now we are no more.

Never have I felt so alone.
So many poems
and stories
have gone unwritten
due to fear of not being good enough
I can't describe what I'm feeling
or express what I truly feel-
Can't put these feelings in writing
But I know what I feel is real.

The evolution of this infatuation
which transforms so rapidly-
These unexpected changes in my life
has made me so happy.

Each day becomes so difficult
to hide this happiness-
To tell the truth of this perfect love
that would have others envious.

Still I can't describe these feelings
that is slowly growing strong-
For each day I'm coming to realize
that you and I belong.
 Jan 2021 The Black Beast
now lived
through an actual
plague &finally understand
why Italian Renaissance paintings
always have couches with

fat naked people

laying on

 Jan 2021 The Black Beast
 Jan 2021 The Black Beast
i watched my husband pull into the driveway
he opened the door.
"long day at work?" i asked

"yes, but where are the kids?"he responded

"you need to rest, we don't have kids." i said, while cleaning up the remaining blood.
It amazes me
That some people do not think in words.
They have no inner monologue
No narrator of their mistakes.
No nagger, no inner critic.
No, their minds are quiet—
Free from the yelling within.
 Nov 2020 The Black Beast
the monster under my bed
grasped my hand tight,
for it too,
felt my fear
of loneliness
I am my worst fear after my breakup. Was about to go to sleep when I wanted someone to hold my hands, and I wouldn't mind even if it's the monster under my bed. I miss warmth.
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