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 Nov 2022 The Black Beast
a name
i haven't touched you in a while

i haven't stared at you for a while

i haven't been kissed by you for a while

i haven't dreamed

i haven't cried

i couldn't cry

i don't know if i can dream

i don't know if i can stare at you

my skin will crawl from a single tap

i don't know how everything changed

i haven't wondered yet

because despite everything, i feel within me

i haven't changed
When I look into your eyes
I fall in love with you and
I see my happiness and joys to
Because I'm so in love with you
And when you hold my hands
My heart skips a beat
Because I love you,

And when you kiss me
I feel your love deep
Inside my heart and soul
Because I'm so in love with you.
Her eyes πŸ‘€πŸ‘οΈπŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜
I'm Eeyore. A dark cloud's
hanging over me, raining wine and
poetry. I won't leave the house. The sun
doesn't rouse me. I can't even leave

my bedroom. I'm so drowsy. Every day
is the same, lousy. Pulling the blankets
over my head, sinking in as a hibernating
bear. I'd like this year to disappear. It's a task

to brush my teeth, wash my face,
and join the human race. Men tell me to snap
out of it. Look at the bright side of things!
Count your blessings! But I'm a slug. And this

world is a treadmill looping around
and moving the ground under my feet. Colorful
collage of mixed messages scrambled together
that I can't encode. Slipping through my hands
like a muddy toad.
There is no land
beneath my feet
I'm sinking
in the ocean deep
"My lungs are full of water"
The moon is full tonight
It shines brighter than the street lamps
Brighter than the stars
However, the light in you
Was brighter
"All of this pollution chokes out the stars"
 Jan 2022 The Black Beast
May your loving hands caress my weathered face.
Through heavy rains or wintry storms.
I stand firmly rooted in search of your enduring beauty.
on the picnic blanket,
after tea
Let's enjoy some poetry
Minds wandering free

Β© 2022 Carol Natasha Diviney
Please find the link below to my website, for the Poetry Bears Picnic which will take place on the 20th August 2022.
Listening to music
like oxygen through the veins
To the depth of the mind
Puts a smile on the face
Or tears in the eyes
Sometimes both.
Makes you move, makes you swing.
Makes you silent, makes you think.
All kinds of feelings
Connects all kinds of people
All over the world
It makes life worth living.

The importance of music in life
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