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Jordyn LaRaye May 24
And there is no now.
No there is no then.
It is all out of reach,
out of touch,
out of when.
Jordyn LaRaye Mar 22
Missing you is like a house
With Christmas lights
Strung about
In March.
I want my toes
to be naked and unashamed—
Covered in sand, and grass,
and salt water.
Feral, like my soul.
Basking in the sun, splayed—
The rays my fodder.
The focus and stamina it requires
To wrangle my thoughts
To corral them into the pen
I am the matador of my mind.
Or maybe the rodeo clown.
Getting out of bed is my marathon
Shall I put a sticker on my car?
26.2 steps.
My body is the weight of iron.
Combined with brushing
My hair and teeth
I am a triathlete.
Jordyn LaRaye Feb 26
Atlas to your expectations
Icarus to Grace
Flown too close, yet fell on your face.
Crack it open.
Fear proceeds,
The seed to the lies
That keep you from me.
Eye contact with the mirror,
Turned to stone.
Frozen by the longing
to be wanted and known
Jordyn LaRaye Feb 12
I am mocktails,
Mini cocktails—
a “disco Jesus situation,”
With my little lips
tiny hips
And a chronic need for vacation.

I am unsatisfied,
Under qualified,
But learning and yearning
For a life worth living.

I am too ******* myself,
Too often wish I were someone else—
learning to love
My big nose
And inability to pose
Like a normal human being.

I am pumpkin spice chai,
Always asking “why?”
Barely still 29
And finally done trying to find
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