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The Black Beast Nov 2022
Its cold and its raining
But you've asked to meet once more
I will show up and be there for you
But this has happened before

I'm in the cab and on my way
You let the grateful thanks pour
"(You) couldn't cope without (me)"
But you've said that before

I'm nearly there, but you stop texting
I arrive cold and wet at your door
No answer to my knock, text or call
But you've done this before

The river flowing down the road
As I treat this curb like the shore
Taking a seat with my feet in the ocean
But I've sat here before

An hour has passed and now I must go
I'm soaked and blue to the core
Next time ... next time I'll make it you faster
But we've ... I've been here before
The Black Beast Jan 2022
I know that you've forgiven him,
For beating you at first,
For choking you against that wall,
In that violent outburst.

I've heard you justify his rage,
And play down his abuse,
"He'd had a rough upbringing"
But I reject that excuse!

You say "It only happened once",
You say "I made a stand",
But since that day I see new marks,
And imagine his backhand.

I know that you still love him,
And you've sacrificed so much,
But I fear the day his actions,
Leave you walking with a crutch.

I fear the day he breaks your spirit,
The day he breaks your arm,
The day that its too late to help,
To stop him causing harm.

I know you'd never testify,
Which leaves me with one choice.
To break the one you love because
You will not use your voice.

I know you'll hate and disown me,
You'll scream and push and shove.
Forever I will wait for you
To forgive me too, my love.
when I gave all my love to you
and had none of it left for
The Black Beast Nov 2020
Another reason to lock the doors and die alone
The Black Beast Nov 2020
I would rather struggle to live my life
Than make those who care struggle to accept my death

For now
  Jul 2020 The Black Beast
There is absolutely nothing wrong with loving someone too much,
But theres everything wrong when you love yourself too less.
The Black Beast Jul 2020
As I awake
There's no mistake
I dreamt of you tonight.
Your cheeky grin
Your gentle skin
Your eyes a full delight

You're full of fun
And number one
For beauty on this earth
So **** too
And if you knew
You'd realise your worth

When on my mind
You soon will find
A stiffness start to grow
My breath gets deep
As if I sleep,
My hands start to clench low.

I start to lust
For your sweet bust
Beside me as I lay.
So as I stand
With no day planned
"What you up to today?"
I am yours, forever and always
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